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Third Tale-Telling before Christmas at Elfennau at the campfire of the elven’s isle – 21.12.2014

((cleared of OOC and some mistakes and changed names to the actual character-names for a better understanding))

[12:00]  Sapphire (Melani) smiles faintly as she spots the dressed up tree, "A silver and blue tree... I approve," she murmurs.
[12:03]  Mederia Seerose s fairy jingles and waves over to Sapphire (Melani). Mederia looks up and smiles. "Oh, greetings, Lady Sapphire!"
[12:04]  Medoria giggles and waves over to Sapphire, hopping for and back around the fire. Then she points to the Christmas-Tree: "Ribbons!"
[12:05]  Sapphire (Melani) bows her head lightly to Mederia, "Greetings to you as well," she starts over to the tree then, tilting her head before over to Medoria, "I see. Did you have a hand in decorating?"
[12:08]  Mederia Seerose laughs. "She had the idea with the ribbons." Orchidee smiles and whispers jingling. Mederia smiles, as the fae tells, that she made the lights.
[12:08]  Medoria nods and looks proud.
[12:10]  Sapphire (Melani) nods, "Fae made lights and child chosen ribbons, not bad," she lightly touches the ribbon a moment before looking to the three curiously, "Would you like icicles on it by chance?"
[12:11]  Mederia Seerose smiles. "Would be very fitting to the theme of the tale-telling." Orchidee claps in her tiny hands with a jingle.
[12:11]  Medoria blinks and looks curiously to Sapphire.
[12:14]  Sapphire (Melani) smiles to the group before turning back to the tree, placing her fingertips lightly on the needles and closes her eyes, a few moments later, icicles could be seen start to elongate from various spots on the tree, stopping when each were a few inches long, glistening in the light. Sapphire smiles contentedly as she opens her eyes before looking to the small group and stepping over, "What do you think?"
[12:15]  Mederia Seerose tilts her head and smiles. "It's beautiful!" Orchidee nods jingling.
[12:16]  Medoria says: "Ohhhhhhh!" and runs to the tree to look at this icicles, catching the lights. She rises one finger and tips at one of them.
[12:18]  Sapphire (Melani) smiles brightly at the compliment, seeming proud obviously then tilts her head as she watches Medoria, "Are you going to share some stories today? I'm sure a child has many about the cold."
[12:19]  Mederia Seerose smiles and looks to Medoria. Orchidee grins jingling.
[12:19]  Medoria blinks.
[12:21]  Medoria looks to her mother.
[12:21]  Sapphire (Melani) keeps quiet, waiting silently for an answer, moving over to see about getting comfortable on the stump nearby.
[12:22]  Mederia Seerose tilts her head a bit and looks to Medoria. "I would translate, if you want to tell something", she offers. And she explains to Sapphire: "She speaks Draconic almost fluently, but not Common... Do you understand the language of the dragons?"
[12:24]  Sapphire (Melani) nods in understanding, "Ah, well that makes sense, of course," she smiles to the little girl before to Mederia, shaking her head, "No. I only understand the language of the fae and Common....and some elvish, too, but that's neither here nor there."
[12:25]  Medoria looks to Sapphire and then to her dragon-toy. Then back to her mother and says: "Firedragon!" She tilts her head. "Children and dragon?" she asks.
[12:26]  Mederia Seerose nods. "Sure, why not. It's a nice tale about cold." She winks.
[12:26]  Sapphire (Melani) raises a brow at the outburst, looking between the two curiously, though keeps silent, smoothing out her skirt a bit and listening.
[12:28]  Medoria nods and looks to her dragon-toy. She lets the dragon nod and smiles brightly. Then she raises two fingers and says: "Girl, boy. Winter! Snow..." She looks to her mother and says fluently a sentence in Draconic.
[12:29]  Mederia Seerose nods and says: "There were two children, brother and sister. They lived in a mountain-area that had in wintertime always a lot of snow."
[12:30]  Sapphire (Melani) reaches behind her to take some of the snow up in her hands, doing something with it, though keeps her eyes on the two telling the story.
[12:31]  Medoria nods also and explains with hands and Draconic words a while, that the mountains were rough and the nights so long. And at the longest night the two children were sent to the grandparents a bit higher in the mountains even to bring them food and wine for the next days till Christmas Eve.
[12:31]  Mederia Seerose s fae jingles and translates into fae for Sapphire and adds dry, that this idea could only have some stupid human parents!
[12:33]  Medoria glares to Orchidee, then frowns and then nods even. She looks to the sky and explains, that it was in fact stupid, as there were a storm coming with a lot of snow and that only some humans without sense would have sent at such day two children to their grandparents into the mountains.
[12:34]  Mederia Seerose laughs a bit and says after the translation: "It happens... even at days where is so much to do like in the days before Christmas. They haven't to be stupid even... "
[12:36]  Sapphire (Melani) smiles faintly to Medoria, "Sometimes human parents don't think so clearly," before going quiet again.
[12:38]  Medoria tilts her head, blinks at her mother, asking something and listens then to Sapphire and nods understandingly. Then she adds, that the grandparents lived in the next valley. And there was a small path. Normally no problem at all even not for human children. And there was only a bit snow... but darkness fell early and with it the first flakes and the cold of the night covers the way. The children were just over the highest point of the way.
[12:40]  Mederia Seerose s fairy translates with a lot of hand-speaking showing big mountains and then shivers and blinks and asking Medoria, if the children were really so slow that the night began so early.
[12:41]  Medoria looks to Orchidee and says: "Snowball-fight! And... and... snowman! And icicle-music-play." She nods eagerly. Then the dragon-child becomes even more seriously and tells that the snow fell thick and cold and in almost no time no way was to see anymore...
[12:42]  Sapphire (Melani) raises a brow lightly at Medoria's explanation on the children's speed, before nodding as she listens.
[12:43]  Mederia Seerose translates and nods to Medoria with a light smile.
[12:46]  Medoria smiles back to her mother and says then further: "Wrong way! Darkness. Cold..." She adds that the both knew after two hours of walking, that they had lost their way and that the brother, the older of the two, knew, that they had lost the way... maybe they crossed by the cottage of the grandparents without seeing it... maybe they took a wrong turn. And it became colder and colder. The girl followed its brother, believing in his knowledge of the mountains, he walked and walked, knowing that they couldn't stop but without idea of the where.
[12:47]  Mederia Seerose tries to stay close to Medoria's words by the translation. Orchidee nods jingling.
[12:48]  Sapphire (Melani) sighs, toying still with the snow in her hands, "Humans always manage to get lost somehow...but that's what my kind enjoy, so I suppose it isn't all bad.." she murmurs, "So long as your story children didn't get led off by a wisp..." she smirks lightly at that.
[12:50]  Medoria raises her dragon toy and turns around herself, holding the dragon high. "Dragon lost way! Storm, wind, flakes." She looks to Sapphire and shakes her head. "No wisp. No fae there...only gnomes." She nods eagerly. Then she explains that the dragon, who lost its way in the sky, was a young one. And an ice-dragon. It wasn't so bad for it, sure, as the cold was its friend, but to see nothing was making it very grumpy.
[12:51]  Mederia Seerose s fae giggles and asks after a translation, if that would be something new for dragons, being grumpy.
[12:53]  Sapphire (Melani) raises brow brows, "Gnomes?," she shrugs a bit before looking down to whatever she was doing with the snow, listening though.
[12:54]  Medoria shows Orchidee her tongue and tells further, that the two children were near exhaustion, when there was a loud: "Ouch!" not far from them and some snow gliding down the hill and making it almost impossible to go further on. And then... Medoria let the dragon toy rolling over the ground till Sapphire and tries not to giggle - and fails, sure.
[12:55]  Mederia Seerose s fairy translates and grins. She whispers jingling, that there should be some grumpy gnomes now also in the story.
[12:56]  Sapphire (Melani) sets the forming snow down in her lap and reaches out a hand to Zamiyr as he lands, "There you are, dear heart. Come sit with me." then looks down to the dragon toy as it comes over to her, picking it up with the hand not offered to Zamiyr, looking it over for a moment before offering it back to the girl.
[12:58]  Zamiyr lands at the remarkably snowless place, a moment later Paz lands on his shoulder and eyes the rolling toy interestedly. Zam takes some moments to glamour his wings and sits down next to Sapphire then. "I hope I did not miss the best stories already."
[13:00]  Medoria waves to Zamiyr and Pax and runs over to Sapphire to take her dragon toy. She takes the wings of the toy and lets them flap and answers Zamiyr in fluently Draconic, that he missed the begin and that just a ice-dragon fell almost on the head of two children lost in a snow-storm-winter-night on their way to the grandparents at the longest night of the year to bring them something to eat and wine. She inhales after telling this all in one go and adds matter of fact in Draconic, that the children should have died from shock by the dragon almost on them, but they were too young to die from shock. She nods to her mother.
[13:01]  Mederia Seerose laughs and smiles with a bow of her head to Zamiyr and Pax. She translates the telling of her daughter into common. Orchidee adds in a jingling fae: "And there are gnomes! But not in the story."
[13:02]  Sapphire (Melani) shakes her head, "Of course not, Zamiyr. Only Medoria is working on her story...translated by the others," she promises, brushing through his hair before kissing his cheek and going back to her snow lump after the girl takes her toy, nodding as she listens to the translation and Orchidee's mention of there being no gnomes in the story.
[13:04]  Medoria takes her dragon-toy and let it roar and then she let it tilt its head. "You are snowhumans?" she lets the dragon ask in Draconic and translates herself helpfully: "Yetis?!" And she let the children shake her heads.
[13:05]  Mederia Seerose s fae translates and asks: "HOW old are the children?"
[13:05]  Zamiyr nods to Medoria. "That sounds like a good story...and we should better keep that portal there in our eyes, lest some gnomes come through there..." he reaches over and grabs some wine. "Yetis?"
[13:07]  Sapphire (Melani) grins a bit at Zamiyr's words tot eh girl, finally setting the small dragon she had made out of the snow onto the grassy ground, before folding her hands in her lap and looking up again.
[13:08]  Medoria looks to Orchidee. "Small!" she answers in common and shows some high that would be only till her shoulder. She looks shortly to her mother, but hurries then to tell that the children told the dragon, that they weren't snow-humans and that it was cold and that they pleaded the dragon not to eat them. And the little girl added, that she never had seen such a nice blue scaled bird ever before - what let the dragon roar big, shown by the dragon-toy.
[13:10]  Mederia Seerose raises one brow about the shown high, but doesn't say more than a correct translation of Medoria's tale. Orchidee giggles nodding with a jingle.
[13:13]  Sapphire (Melani) tilts her head, "Well, I suppose that's one thing that never changes; never call a dragon a bird," she murmurs to Zamiyr, leaning over to him, before going quiet.
[13:15]  Medoria hurries to tell further, that the boy stood in front of his sister and offered the dragon all the things in their baskets if it wouldn't eat them. The dragon-girl, sure it was a dragon-girl, was clever and she asked the children, why she shouldn't eat them. Without something to eat and to drink and in this cold they would die anyway in this night. So it wouldn't make any difference!
[13:15]  Mederia Seerose smiles and translates.
[13:19]  Sapphire (Melani) takes up another couple handfuls of snow, starting to toy with that as well, listening quietly still.
[13:19]  Medoria takes her toy so, that it looks down on her. Medoria plays the little girl and says in Common: "Mum sad! Grandma sad." And explains that the girl began to weep. The boy thought some time and offered then the dragon, if it would help them, they could tell it a tale or two AND give it the baskets. The dragon-girl pondered this and then nodded. "Three tales!" she asked.
[13:21]  Mederia Seerose s fairy translates and adds: "No dragon without a tiny bit of greed!" with a giggle and jingle and a tongue to Mederia.
[13:22]  Sapphire (Melani) (eiraiseult): "Oh...there is nothing wrong with wanting things..." she murmurs.
[13:24]  Medoria shows herself her tiny tongue to Orchidee and nods to Sapphire. She tells then in Draconic, that the dragon took its magic of cold to let the snow roll around the children and to build big walls and a roof. Then it stretched its head into this snow-cave and demanded to be feed and the first tale.
[13:24]  Zamiyr nods. "Always three."
[13:24]  Mederia Seerose smiles lightly, translates and says dry: "Nothing wrong with a good trade."
[13:26]  Sapphire (Melani) smiles briefly at Zamiyr's murmur before she sighs a bit, looking slightly frustrated at the exact same words she had smiled at, before looking back to Medoria.
[13:28]  Medoria giggles and tells, that the night for the three in the cave was at last a nice one. They told tales and poems and not feeling the cold outside they forgot almost, that they were in the wilderness and in a storm and the dragon answered some curious questions of the children also and at the end there were more than three tales told and the meals and the drink was shared between them.
[13:29]  Mederia Seerose nods and translates further.
[13:29]  Zamiyr strokes over Paz´s feathers gently and listens, but indeed does keep the portal stone in his eyes...
[13:31]  Sapphire (Melani) tilts her head as she listens, lifting her hand palm up, the small pile of snow laying on it and blows on it lightly, the snow swirling over towards Medoria to fall on and around her.
[13:33]  Medoria nods eagerly and looks with delight at the snow around her and tells that at the next day the parents and neighbours were coming in the first daylight, when the storm calmed down, over the little path on the search for the children. The three in the snow cave heard them and the girl whispered to the dragon not to show itself to the adults. They came up with the plan to call and to dig themselves out and to let the dragon lay under the thick snow covering. And to meet at another time to tell more tales and to bring more sweetbread. And so they did. And the adults never could explain, how the children survived the strongest storm in a century.
[13:34]  Mederia Seerose s fae translates and adds with a giggle and a jingle that adult humans are worse than small humans.
[13:35]  Zamiyr listens to the story and looks over to Medoria a moment before watching the portal stone again. "Wasn´t that a clever little girl."
[13:36]  Sapphire (Melani) leans in to whisper in Zamiyr's ear, "You see something, dear?," before pulling back and smiling to Medoria, "A nice story, too."
[13:37]  Medoria nods with a wide smile to Zamiyr and tells at the end, that they became close friends and the girl a dragon-rider and her brother a big mage of ice-magic. She nods and bows. "End!" she calls out.
[13:38]  Mederia Seerose explains the end of the tale and bows her head to Medoria: "Well told, my heart."
[13:39]  Zamiyr nods, whispering back. "There are mountains...a range of can not see it, my precious?" he smiles to Medoria´s exclamation. "All is well that ends least that is what the humans say..."
[13:41]  Sapphire (Melani) looks over tot he portal at his reply, studying it some moments before smiling lightly and nodding to him, "The chances they are snowy mountains? It's hard to tell....," she murmurs, looking hopeful, before bowing her head to Medoria, "As I said, a nice story."
[13:42]  Medoria beams delighted and runs to her mother, snuggling in her embrace and blushing.
[13:44]  Mederia Seerose s fairy claps in her tiny hands and jingles. Mederia smiles and hugs her daughter warmly, kisses her hair. Then she looks up to the sky. "Not much time anymore till the two little ones need a bed... any short poem or tale to tell or shall we only sit and enjoy the quietness of the fire?"
[13:47]  Zamiyr watches Medoria, then looks into the flickering lights and images and nods to Sapphire (Melani). "There is a high one, right in the looks as if there is always snow up there...but there is some flickering light too, like the one in the stone...the same colour...maybe...a portal, too..." he murmurs and looks to Sapphire then at Mederia´s question. "Didn´t you have something about the cold, Sapphire?" he reaches for the wine to fill his mug again and raises it to the others. "To Winter and to the longest night."
[13:48]  Mederia Seerose raises her own mug and bows her head. "To Winter and the longest night", she repeats. Orchidee jingles and nods.
[13:49]  Medoria runs to get herself a muffin and comes then back to Medoria to snuggle up in her arms again, eating muffin.
[13:50]  Sapphire (Melani) nods, "It probably is another portal," she murmurs, tilting her head form side to side as she looks to the stone ring before blinking and looking to Mederia, about to speak then to Zamiyr, too, "I do...and I believe I might be able to fit in it quickly...else I'll just save it," she shrugs a shoulder, before smiling a bit, moving to get her own self some wine before murmuring, "To the cold and night in general..."
[13:50]  Mederia Seerose 's fair looks to Medoria and the muffin and gets herself with a giggle and a jingle also a piece. Mederia smiles. "I am eager to hear, Lady Sapphire."
[13:52]  Zamiyr gets a muffin for himself as well and feeds Paz some dried meat, then looks to Sapphire, nodding.
[13:54]  Medoria nods, looking to Sapphire, eating muffin.
[13:57]  Sapphire (Melani) smiles at Mederia's words then pauses to think a moment before, "Well, it's a human fairytale of sorts, told to me by a human. Imagine that at one point there was a mirror that changed things to look ugly and awful...but the mirror broke." She reaches back to take up some snow at that, blowing on it so it would swirl around in the air before landing on the ground some moments later, speaking as she watches it, "It broke and pieces of it were swept up in the wind and carried to various lands, sticking into eyes and hearts...." She pauses a moment before, "But there's also a little boy and girl in this story, too."
[14:00]  Mederia Seerose tilts her head and raises shortly with Medoria on one arm to take her some hot chocolate, and sits down again, listening to Sapphire.
[14:00]  Medoria takes the cup with eagerness, but listens closely to Sapphire.
[14:02]  Zamiyr raises a brow at the start of the story, but then listens silently, eating and drinking and looking rather comfortably.
[14:05]  Sapphire (Melani): "The boy and girl really did care for another, almost like brother and sister even though they only lived near each other. They even had a garden of flowers shared between them. There was one winter, though, when the boy had been going to sleep, he had looked out his window which was frosting over, and had seen a woman, seemingly made of ice, beckoning to him..." She tucks a bit of hair behind and ear before continuing, "But then Spring came with no incident. One day the two were playing and the boy felt something get into his eye and then a pain in his heart. neither knew it, but the little pieces of the mirror had found their way to him, one in his eye, the other in his heart. He felt fine after blinking a bit and both shrugged it off and continued playing...only...the boy started to see the flowers and grass and all as dead. And his heart was freezing over due tot eh mirror piece; so he started to play tricks on the other children, even saying some things tot eh girl, his best friend, some things that made her cry. This went on until the next winter, where he was playing with other boys who were tying their little sleds to large sleighs....the boy not being an exception. Only he tied his to an elegant looking one, much more fancy than the rest did."
[14:08]  Medoria murmurs: "Mean!"
[14:09]  Zamiyr nods. "Mean. But the sleighs sound fun, don´t you think?"
[14:09]  Mederia Seerose caresses Medoria's hair and grins a bit to Zamiyr.
[14:09]  Medoria nods with a big smile.
[14:14]  Sapphire (Melani) raises a brow at Zamiyr's words but shrugs a bit then continues, "The sleigh he had tied his own to kept going, much faster than the others had been going. He was scared, but as the driver looked back, from what he could see since she was wrapped in her fur, simply her eyes convinced him to be quiet and relax. It kept going until coming to a palace of ice. The driver got out and took the boy's hand, leading him inside, the woman taking her coat and hat off. The boy wasn't scared anymore, for she was beautiful. She was the same woman of ice he had seen before....only she looked more human and beautiful now to him. She smiled and kissed him once, having him forget the cold. Another kiss and he forgot his home, his family, and even the little girl..." She trials off then tilts her head, "The third kiss that came much later...well, he died." She ends then, looking to the others, "That's the end of the story I know, but I've heard rumours of other versions where he lives because the girl saves him or so..."
[14:18]  Zamiyr: "He wasn´t scared because she was beautiful?" he chuckles and looks to Medoria. "You think that´s clever?"
[14:19]  Medoria yawns and shakes her head. "Not clever", she says. "Girl?" she asks.
[14:21]  Mederia Seerose smiles to her daughter. "I heard a version where the girl was very brave and rescued the boy out of the ice-palace... with her love. But which is the true one... who knows." She bows her head to Sapphire. "And maybe there is another one still, where they were all saved... somebody with a frozen heart may have a reason for having it." She smiles. "Thank you all for coming to this tale telling. I enjoyed it a lot." Orchidee smiles and yawns and nods jingling. "But for now... I have to bring two small ones to bed."
[14:22]  Zamiyr nods. "No, not at all. The beautiful ones have a much easier time being mean too, and getting away with it." he reaches for another muffin and smiles. "Good that I didn´t bring a story, it seems as if the best audience is already ready to sleep...don´t let your mother give you three good night kisses, little dragon."
[14:23]  Sapphire (Melani) shrugs a shoulder, "beautiful and her own magic that she held, no doubt, but that's the wording in the story," she explains before looking to Medoria, about to open her mouth before looking to Mederia, nodding as she explains, "Ah, yes, that’s the other version I heard tell of, but I don't know the details...though. I don't feel like the snow queen needed much saving..." she frowns a bit at Mederia's suggestion then bows her head, "It was a wonderful theme, for sure. I hope you all sleep well," she smiles then looks to Zamiyr, raising a brow.
[14:25]  Mederia Seerose bows her head to the fae. "May the moon light your ways." Orchidee waves jingling with a big yawn.
[14:25]  Medoria holds her mother's hand and waves with her dragon-toy to the fae.
[14:26]  Zamiyr waves back to Orchidee. "You have a lot of night before you. Good dreams."
[14:26]  Sapphire (Melani) waves briefly to the three leaving, before looking to Zamiyr with a tilted head, outing a bit, "Beautiful ones can get away with being mean? That doens't mean you think I am mean, do you, dear heart?"
[14:27]  Zamiyr tilts his head. "Why do you ask me that, my lovely? Are you?"

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