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A tale yet to tell

((cleared of some mistakes and shortened for a better read))

 Elendran smiles to Mederia and her hatchling, also to Orchidee and bows his head. "Mae Govannen."
 Mederia enters the elfish healer house and smiles to Elendran. After Orchidee had circled him jingling and Medoria had screeched her: "Greetings!" she allows the hatchling to play on the elfish grounds and Orchidee zips after the small dragon running out. Mederia goes over to Elendran. "Mae Govannen."
 Elendran looks her over. "Anything broken again?" he asks.
 Mederia tilts her head. "Oh... not yet." She smirks a bit. "In the dark towers something is stirring", she tells. "And I met Salix, she is watching them." She frowns. "She is... changed."
 Elendran looks down on her, with an even face. His hand goes up, holds and strokes a strand out of his own face. He turns and goes over to the healer's desk, the one window looking out in the direction of the towers. The mountain-sledge covers the look at them. He says: "Yes."
 Mederia looks at his back. She sighs. Her voice is low, hardly reaching him: "You are avoiding to touch... me? Why?"
 Elendran says matter of fact: "You are a dragon. The most wonderful dragoness I ever met." He looks down on the desk, to some papers laying there, elfish recipes of salves and potions to be sorted. "Maybe I don't want to burn myself", he adds with a half amused tone.
 Mederia blushes a bit and inhales. She shakes her head. "I know, that I am a dragon", she gives back with a low growl that doesn't fit too well to her gracile elfish shape. "And I know, that I am only hiding in this shape from myself. Who if not you wouldn't know that also? You healed my broken wing, cared for my big shape till it mended. There is no... why an elf avoids to touch a friend, that's far from being a real elfish woman?"
 Elendran frowns, gazing to the distance without seeing the mountains. "You want to know, why you wish me to touch you?" he asks after some time, the voice low. He turns, looking at her. "I would prefer not to answer."
 Mederia presses her lips together, stares back at him. She crosses her arms in front of her, holds herself. She whispers: "I want an answer. - I need one to understand... "
 Elendran sighs. He examines her, not moving an inch. Then he asks her: "Open your mind to me."
 Mederia blinks. She nods.
 Elendran concentrates with ease on a picture in his mind sending to her. Colours, the colours of the wilderness, green and brown shades, scales, covering a big, slender body from nostrils to tail, horns, of masculine pride, burning eyes in the colour of the morning sun in a forest. And over all is pain, a dull, deep pain, an endless pain. Broken mended wings. His voice is rough, not the soft, silk voice she is used to: "I will never be able to fly with you. Forgive my intrusion into your life. I will leave."
 Mederia has closed her eyes. She whispers: "By the stars..."
 Elendran looks at her one last time. He takes a book from the desk, then he leaves the healer hut.
 Mederia growls, opening her eyes and follows him out. "You -won't- run away now", she demands.
 Elendran stops walking and turns to her, looking at her. "No?" he asks with a light smile. He shakes his head. "Mederia, I am not the dragon you will need to survive this life. And this may be all... only spring."
 Mederia nods. "Maybe. But how shall we know, if you will leave now?" She reaches for him. "Stay. Take the pride in yourself and... don't close a door before it even opened completely."
 Elendran hesitates. Then he raises his hand and takes hers. "Give me time..."
 Mederia smiles. "We are dragons. We have a lot of time." She looks up to him with a tilted head and a smirk. "Your name is not even Elendran?" she guesses.
 Elendran shakes his head lightly. "Not the one I am born with", he admits. He looks to her hand and shakes his head. "You are sure about this?"
 Mederia squeezes his hand for a heartbeat. "No", she says. "Time will tell." She inhales deeply. "It feels... right."
 Elendran nods and after a light stroke of his fingers over hers he lets her hand go. He looks over to the playing hatchling a bit away, that's running after the teasing Orchidee through the snow. "I should have the urge to kill this child for being the daughter of another male", he reminds her.
 Mederia turns her head to Medoria and then back to him. She tilts her head. "So you haven't."
 Elendran nods. "I haven't." He frowns. "I am in this shape now for a very long time..." he murmurs.
 Mederia says: "Many possible reasons." She smiles. "I need to go. I have an appointment with the teacher of Haven Hall." She looks up to him, again serious: "You won't run away, yes?"
 Elendran answers with a light smirk: "Not yet."
 Mederia hits him lightly in front of his breast. "Don't you dare!" she growls. She nods then. "May the moon be with you", she wishes, before turning and calling for Medoria, going over to her hatchling and the fae.
 Elendran says the Draconic greeting for a short time leaving friend. He watches their departure, then goes back into the elfish healer house, having work to do.

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