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Tale Telling at the Fireplace of the Broken Portal at the 11th of December 2015

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[11:59]  Eala Du (cottonswan) peers through the windows of Lady Mederia's home, her keen eyes looking about the rooms within, she then spies figures by the camp and strolls towards it.
[11:59]  Inddia Ametza: greetings :)
[12:00]  Eala Du (cottonswan) bows her head to Mederia and smiles to Medoria, she then greets the elven woman she has seen about the isle.
[12:01]  Mederia Seerose smiles to the two women coming nearer. "Greetings." She bows her head. "We haven't met", she says to the light-haired one. "My name is Mederia, this small girl is Medoria and the tiny one is Orchidee." She gesticulates around. "Look for a place and take something to eat and drink please." Then she smiles to Nevi. "Greetings, dear. And greetings bird of the night."
[12:02]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) waves and laughs. "Fae! Neeeeevi!"
[12:03]  Nevoeei pauses as she sees the lady in white go past Mederia's house, following after her since the door was closed and smiles to Mederia and Medoria, starting over though nods to the two other women, pausing a bit to look at the one she had followed, "You look familiar. But I don't know if from some other time or from a dream. Sometimes it's hard to tell. And you have face markings," she smiles brightly, pointing briefly to the purple-ish markings on her cheek bones before waving a bit to Mederia then walks over to Medoria, taking a white rose form her owl's beak and offering it to her, "here. It won't die because it's not real, but it's form where my family is."
[12:04]  Eala Du (cottonswan) looks over the flowing locks besides her and says, "what beautiful hair, a few strands would look so lovely as a ring!" she holds her hands out and admires a finger, before waving them in greeting to Medoria. Her eyes then find Orchidee and she bows head to the little fae. "The other child is?.." she asks as she watches her approach Medoria.
[12:05]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) takes the white rose with an "oooooohhhhh" and smiles brightly to Nevi. She says then matter of fact with a pointing dragon-toy to Nevoeei: "Nevi!"
[12:06]  Mederia Seerose smiles and says to Eala: "This is Nevoeei, the oldest daughter of a friend of mine. She will tell today a tale of her own." She smiles to Nevi.
[12:07]  Nevoeei looks back to the woman in white and bows her head, "I'm Nevoeei An-Nayyir, but people call me Nevi for short." She pauses a moment, "And my owl is Nascha. Who are you?" she asks, before looking back to Mederia, "I’m their -only- daughter. Nuveim's still older than me."
[12:08]  Eala Du (cottonswan) repeats the name Nevi, like she stores it somewhere and nods her head, then she looks to Mederia, "You must forgive my absence the last time tales were told Lady Mederia, but of course I had more important business, as my business most always is." and she smiled at her, "Nevoeei, yet Nevi in play, and a story-weaver too, I shall love to hear and keep the tale...Nascha.." another name she hides carefully, "Greetings to you both I am Eala Du." and that was all the introduction of herself she gave.
[12:10]  Mederia Seerose winks. "He is the oldest and youngest son - till now. Like you the oldest and youngest daughter - till now. And so it was the truth. Every person can be described in a lot of ways, Nevi. Eala Du also. One of the description for Lady Eala Du is: The Lady of the Land." She bows her head to the fae. Then she sits down and winks to Medoria and points to the cookies.
[12:11]  Eala Du (cottonswan) turns her smile to the lady of the fair tresses and wonders if she bargain to take a length of that hair. Her head nods at the wisdom of words from Mederia to Nevi and then finds a seat about the fire, waiting for a story to begin, "Are we all?" she asks, to see if they wait for any.
[12:13]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) runs to the cookies and takes three, gives one to the jingling Orchidee and one to Nevi and one her mother. Then she runs again and takes more cookies and brings one Eala and one the other lady. Then she hops back to her mother and takes her own cookie and bites in it.
[12:14]  Nevoeei smiles at Eala's words then nods at the introduction, "That doesn’t sound" She frowns, then sighs, "Sorry, dreams sometimes get mixed with my thoughts...I still need to work on that..." she murmurs, glancing away a moment before back to Mederia, "That sounds like...complicated..." she murmurs, smiling a bit to Medoria as she takes the offered cookie, lifting her shoulder a bit and Nascha flies up to perch in one of the trees. Nevi herself walks over to look at the stone circle, listening and nibbling on her cookie.
[12:14]  Eala Du (cottonswan) beams widely as Medoria brings her sweet treat, "A favour from the meadow flower!" she exclaims and kisses the cookie before biting into it. "I shall have you as my own." she calls after Medoria and the words came as fun, but true.
[12:16]  Mederia Seerose smiles to Eala. "I will call for you, when I need some free time", she laughs and winks to the fae. "But I want her back." She smiles to the child. Then she says: "Who will come later, will come later. I think, we should begin." She looks to Nevi. "I want to ask you, if you will begin. As you offered a tale the last time."
[12:17]  Eala Du (cottonswan) pauses in her chewing as the young one called Nevi speaks of a dream, then hesitate and stops. Eala looks at her, watches with her black eyes, in stillness. "Dreams speak much, and urgent if they need, intruding into the waking moments." she says and continues to eat, before looking at Mederia delighted. " As much freedom as you need my Lady." she urged. Then looked again to Nevi expectantly.
[12:19]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) looks to Eala, nibbling at her cookie. "Chocolate?" she asks. Then she looks to Nevi: "Dream-Tale!" And then she whispers to her mother: "Cocoa?"
[12:19]  Nevoeei looks over to Eala, blinking at her words to Medoria but shrugs then, getting up onto the log to peer at the swirling blue in the stone, though looks back to Mederia and nods, hopping off and sitting down instead, "I think my story can fit dreams, too. Though it's not exactly a story, it's more of...things about dreams that almost fit into portals last time," she nods a bit before looking to Eala again, tilting her head, "They do, and that's why I'm glad dream chose me to have it as my first element," she says a bit proudly.
[12:21]  Mederia Seerose goes over to the cocoa and takes one cup for Medoria, offers cups of hot drinks to the ladies and Nevi with a smile.
[12:23]  Eala Du (cottonswan) waves the crumb of cookie left towards Medoria and nods and laughs before tossing it into mouth. She then leans more comfortable into the log and listens to Nevi, an eyebrow raises at the mention of her affinity with dreams and she eyes the young girl with more interest than given her before. "My thanks my lady." she says accepting the hot sweet drink from Mederia, and takes a cup for the silver haired elf, seeing her as perhaps shy amongst the gathering. She sets her drink beside the log.
[12:27]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) takes the cocoa and sits down, looking to Nevi, whispering with her dragon toy.
[12:32]  Eala Du (cottonswan) sips upon the hot drink and delights in her hot breath that comes in plumes through the frosty air. As the steam clears the way she can be found to be watching the story-teller. Ears keen for her words.
[12:33]  Nevoeei smiles to Mederia as she takes the cup, puffing her cheeks out a bit before starting, "Dreams are...difficult. They change form person to person and what they show can be a fear or a wish or both, too, sometimes. Sometimes something you fear you wish for it because it'll be better for you to have that fear happen than something to happen to someone else," she pauses a moment before looking to the empty stump to her left, "And it's harder to get back from dreams than it is to get to them. Dreams don't like letting people go. But, sometimes, you can find parts of dreams that can help you look into the real to find your way back quicker." She falls silent some moments, seeming to focus a bit, her slightly fogged eyes seeming to give off a subtle glow for a few moments as a ruined stone archway slowly fades into view on top of the stump, white roses winding their way around what was left intact. If any of them looked through the mini archway, they would be able to see snow, an aurora, plants all in white, clear, mirror-like water stretching on until hitting more white, dream-like land. "Sometimes things serve as a gate almost, that give a brief view into the real world, if you look hard, but the gateway isn't really there in the physical plane...just the dream one..."
[12:35]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) claps in her small hands and runs over to Nevi to have a closer look at the stump.
[12:36]  Eala Du (cottonswan) tilts her head and 'hmms' and nods making small sound as the child speaks so well of dream. Then a smile of wonder comes as the child brings vision. Her hands clap together light in this delight. "so perfect!" she whispers.
[12:37]  Mederia Seerose tilts her head and nods approvingly.
[12:40]  Nevoeei smiles a bit at the reactions then sighs, "So, sometimes the dreams like to keep you. It's you don't exactly want to wake up from a good dream. They are nice and comfortable and you don't want to leave that comfort. If you have some magic, it's easier to stay... and to keep others, too...but it's still hard, when you know -you- are supposed to be in a physical place, even if dreams are so much a part of you." She lets the archway illusion fade slowly before looking to the others, "But there are lots of ways to and from, if you look, and they can all serve as windows. Even our own dreams are a bit of a window, even if only to part of the dream plane."
[12:42]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) waves to the fading dream-picture and says earnestly: "Snow-dragon!"
[12:42]  Eala Du (cottonswan) smiles secret smile and leans her head back on to the stump… as if she dreams, the vision lingers behind her eyes a while.
[12:44]  Mederia Seerose murmurs: "They are..."
[12:44]  Nevoeei rubs at her eyes, looking a bit faded now maybe before glancing around, Nascha flying back down to her shoulder and looking much same, both seeming maybe only half there. "Well that's my 'story'," she ends hen with a brief smile.
[12:45]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) claps again and says with a smile to Nevi: "Snow nice!" and hops back to Mederia.
[12:45]  Eala Du (cottonswan) claps her hands for Nevi and then says, "You make me long to dance in a dream a while, many thanks for you spoke of their wonder in fineness."
[12:48]  Eala Du (cottonswan) laughs at "Snow nice." and casts her eyes to the peaks of white that surround them. She then stood to her feet, and turned a circle. "Is there time for a tale of ancient days and dreams... with love and adventure to behold?" she looked about her sure that none would resist her weave.
[12:48]  Mederia Seerose smiles to Nevi. "You learned a lot now... " She bows her head. "Thank you, Nevi, daughter of Taeem." She looks to Eala with a wink: "Lady Eala. I am sure, you collected wonderful tales about dream and love and adventures. I like the part about ancient days also a lot. Please begin!"
[12:50]  Eala Du (cottonswan) turns her head again to Nevi and smiles, as Mederia praises her. She then bows her head, then her body with flourish of arms, taking to weave in and out between them all, making her voice low, then sure. "So the story begins, as you all beg of me!" and she twinkled a smile.
[12:50]  Nevoeei smiles a bit to Medoria's words, "It is. Maybe sometime I'll be able to show one of the places my Grandpa took me to in Ardes. It has a lot of snow and ice," she whispers over to the girl before to Mederia, nodding, "But I mostly taught myself. Paper likes to tell me to do things if I can and Reev only encourages me and tells me some rules that aren't really rules." She looks to Eala then, tilting her head curiously, even though Nascha was shifting on her shoulder, seeming nervous.
[12:51]  Eala Du (cottonswan) takes deep breath, "The dream of Madsen Wledig" and with her exhale in the steam of breath a figure form, lordly and large.
[12:51]  Eala Du (cottonswan): " MACSEN WLEDIG was emperor of Rome, and he was a comelier man, and a better and a wiser than any emperor that had been before him. And one day he held a council of kings, and he said to his friends, "I desire to go to-morrow to hunt." And the next day in the morning he set forth with his retinue, and came to the valley of the river that flowed towards Rome. And he hunted through the valley until mid-day. And with him also were two-and-thirty crowned kings, that were his vassals; not for the delight of hunting went the emperor with them, but to put himself on equal terms with those kings."
[12:54]  Eala Du (cottonswan) smiles and then continues, letting her words linger between each part of tale.
[12:54]  Eala Du (cottonswan): "And the sun was high in the sky over their heads, and the heat was great. And sleep came upon Macsen Wledig. And his attendants stood and set up their shields around him upon the shafts of their spears to protect him from the sun, and they placed a gold enamelled shield under his head; and so Macsen slept."
[12:54]  Nevoeei sips on her hot chocolate, which had cooled down quite a bit by now, as she listens silently.
[12:55]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) looks at the figure of steam with a blink. She blinks and nods and whispers then to her dragon toy: "Biiiig!"
[12:55]  Eala Du (cottonswan): "Macsen Wledig he saw a dream. And this is the dream that he saw. He was journeying along the valley of the river towards its source; and he came to the highest mountain in the world. And he thought that the mountain was as high as the sky; and when he came over the mountain, it seemed to him that he went through the fairest and most level regions that man ever yet had seen, on the other side of the mountain. And he saw large and mighty rivers descending from the mountain to the sea, and towards the mouths of the rivers he proceeded. And as he journeyed, he came to the mouth of the largest river ever seen."
[12:55]  Mederia Seerose smiles to her daughter and nods, listens to Eala further.
[12:56]  Eala Du (cottonswan) arms made shape of mighty peak and her hands swam with the bends of a river's course. Her eyes grew large with the size of peak and the wonders of the dream.
[12:57]  Eala Du (cottonswan): "And he beheld a great city at the entrance of the river, and a vast castle in the city, and he saw many high towers of various colours in the castle. And he saw a fleet at the mouth of the river, the largest ever seen. And he saw one ship among the fleet; larger was it by far, and fairer than all the others. Of such part of the ship as he could see above the water, one plank was gilded and the other silvered over. He saw a bridge of the bone of the whale from the ship to the land, and. he thought that he went along the bridge, and came into the ship. And a sail was hoisted on the ship, and along the sea and the ocean was it borne. Then it seemed that he came to the fairest island in the whole world, and he traversed the island from sea to sea, even to the furthest shore of the island. Valleys he saw, and steeps and rocks of wondrous height, and rugged precipices. Never yet saw he the like. And thence he beheld an island in the sea, facing this rugged land. "
[13:00]  Eala Du (cottonswan) eyes glimmer for this land was a land of many tales of myth and legend. She then blinks her eyes from the vision of the place and continues the tale.
[13:00]  Eala Du (cottonswan): "Between him and this island was a country of which the plain was as large as the sea, the mountain as vast as the wood. And from the mountain he saw a river that flowed through the land and fell into the sea. And at the mouth of the river he beheld a castle, the fairest that man ever saw, and the gate of the castle was open, and he went into the castle. And in the castle he saw a fair hall, of which the roof seemed to be all gold, the walls of the hall seemed to be entirely of glittering precious gems, the doors all seemed to be of gold. Golden seats he saw in the hall, and silver tables. And on a seat opposite to him, he beheld two auburn-haired youths playing at chess. He saw a silver board for the chess, and golden pieces thereon. The garments of the youths were of jet black satin, and chaplets of ruddy gold bound their hair, whereon were sparkling jewels of great price, rubies, and gems, alternately with imperial stones. Buskins of new cordovan leather on their feet, fastened by slides of red gold."
[13:02]  Eala Du (cottonswan) wiggled her finger at Medoria as she spoke of auburn-haired youths and flicked a breeze the way of the child, to perhaps ruffle at the red locks.
[13:02]  Eala Du (cottonswan): "And beside a pillar in the hall, he saw a hoary-headed man, in a chair of ivory, with the figures of two eagles of ruddy gold thereon. Bracelets of gold were upon his arms, and many rings were on his hands, and a golden torque about his neck; and his hair was bound with a golden diadem. He was of powerful aspect. A chess-board of gold was before him, and a rod of gold, and a steel file in his hand. And he was carving out chess-men."
[13:03]  Eala Du (cottonswan): "And he saw a maiden sitting before him in a chair of ruddy gold. Not more easy than to gaze upon the sun when brightest, was it to look upon her by reason of her beauty. A vest of white silk was upon the maiden, with clasps of red gold at the breast; and a surcoat of gold tissue upon her, and a frontlet of red gold upon her head, and rubies and gems were in the frontlet, alternating with pearls and imperial stones. And a girdle of ruddy gold was around her. She was the fairest sight that man ever beheld."
[13:04]  Eala Du (cottonswan) placed her hands beneath her chin and fluttered her eyelashes. Then laughed as the tale went on.
[13:05]  Eala Du (cottonswan): The maiden arose from her chair before him, and he threw his arms about the neck of the maiden, and they two sat down together in the chair of gold: and the chair was not less roomy for them both, than for the maiden alone. And as he had his arms about the maiden's neck, and his cheek by her cheek, behold, through the chafing of the dogs at their leashing, and the clashing of the shields as they struck against each other, and the beating together of the shafts of the spears, and the neighing of the horses and their prancing, the emperor awoke.
[13:06]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) whispers, while the wind plays in her locks: "Gold and rubies!" She beams.
[13:06]  Eala Du (cottonswan) nods her head, "Sparkly!" she agrees with Medoria's delight.
[13:06]  Eala Du (cottonswan): "And when he awoke, nor spirit nor existence was left him, because of the maiden whom he had seen in his sleep, for the love of the maiden pervaded his whole frame. Then his household spake unto him. "Lord," said they, "is it not past the time for you to take thy food?" Thereupon the emperor mounted his palfrey, the saddest man that mortal ever saw, and went forth towards Rome."
[13:07]  Eala Du (cottonswan): "And so he was during the space of a week. When they of the household went to drink wine and mead out of golden vessels, he went not with any of them. When they went to listen to songs and tales, he went not with them there; neither could he be persuaded to do any thing but sleep. And as often as he slept, he beheld in his dreams the maiden he loved best; but except when he slept he saw nothing of her, for he knew not where in the world she was. "
[13:09]  Mederia Seerose smiles and nods, tilting her head, her gaze on Medoria, when she whispered of gold and gems.
[13:09]  Eala Du (cottonswan) pauses and looks around, smile upon her face, "I am half way there...shall the tale wait till the next time…or shall you hear more?" she laughed happily, "My tales take some telling it is so." and even in her self-thinking ways, she did not wish the story to grow to long and old.
[13:11]  Mederia Seerose looks up and smiles. "Lady Eala Du... we will meet next week for sure again. But we have still some time."
[13:12]  Eala Du (cottonswan) smiles, "Then I go on a little more and perhaps it will be done with!" and on she went.
[13:12]  Eala Du (cottonswan): "One day the page of the chamber spake unto him; now, although he was page of the chamber, he was king of the Romans. "Lord," said he, "all the people revile you." "Why do they revile me?" asked the emperor. "Because they can get neither message nor answer from you as men should have from their lord. This is the cause why you are spoken evil of." "Youth," said the emperor, "bring to me the wise men of Rome, and I will tell them why I am sorrowful."
[13:12]  Nevoeei shrugs a bit at the question, looking to Mederia a moment then nods at her words though says softly, "I might not come next week. Mama worries something will happen," before falling silent to listen to the rest of the story.
[13:15]  Eala Du (cottonswan) glanced to Nevi and wondered at the danger that her folks fretted of her, her wondering brief as she returned to Macsen's dilemma.
[13:15]  Eala Du (cottonswan): "Then the wise men of Rome were brought to the emperor, and he spake to them. "Sages of Rome," said he, "I have seen a dream. And in the dream I beheld a maiden, and because of the maiden is there neither life, nor spirit, nor existence within me." "Lord," they answered, "since you judge us worthy to counsel you, we will give you counsel. And this is our counsel; that you send messengers for three years to the three parts of the world, to seek for your dream. And as you know not what day or what night good news may come to you, the hope of it will support you."
[13:16]  Eala Du (cottonswan): "So the messengers journeyed for the space of a year, wandering about the world, and seeking tidings concerning his dream. But when they came back at the end of the year, they knew not one word more than they did the day they set forth. And then was the emperor exceeding sorrowful, for he thought that he should never have tidings of her whom best he loved."
[13:17]  Eala Du (cottonswan): "And thereupon thirteen more messengers of the emperor's set forth, and before them they saw a high mountain, which seemed to them to touch the sky. Now this was the guise in which the messengers journeyed; one sleeve was on the cap of each of them in front, as a sign that they were messengers, in order that through what hostile land so ever they might pass no harm might be done them. And when they were come over this mountain, they beheld vast plains, and large rivers flowing through there. "Behold," said they, "the land which our master saw."
[13:18]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) looks to her mother and asks: "Dream true?!" And looks also questioningly first to her dragon-toy and then to Eala.
[13:18]  Eala Du (cottonswan): "And they went along the mouths of the rivers, until they came to the mighty river which they saw flowing to the sea, and the vast city, and the many-coloured high towers in the castle. They saw the largest fleet in the world, in the harbour of the river, and one ship that was larger than any of the others."
[13:18]  Mederia Seerose smiles to Medoria. "Oh yes... sometimes yes."
[13:19]  Eala Du (cottonswan) stops and nods her head to Medoria, "mostly all and everything my meadow flower!"
[13:20]  Eala Du (cottonswan): ""Behold again," said they, "the dream that our master saw."
 And in the great ship they crossed the sea, and came to the Island of Britain. And they traversed the island until they came to Snowdon.
  "Behold," said they, "the rugged land that our master saw."
 And they went forward until they saw Anglesey before them, and until they saw Arvon likewise.
  "Behold," said they, "the land our master saw in his sleep."
[13:20]  Eala Du (cottonswan): " And they saw Aber Sain, and a castle at the mouth of the river. The portal of the castle saw they open, and into the castle they went, and they saw a hall in the castle.
 Then said they, "Behold, the hall which he saw in his sleep."
 They went into the hall, and they beheld two youths playing at chess on the golden bench. And they beheld the hoary-headed man beside the pillar, in the ivory chair, carving chessmen. And they beheld the maiden sitting on a chair of ruddy gold."
The messengers bent down upon their knees.
  "Empress of Rome, all hail!"
  "Ha, gentles," said the maiden, "you bear the seeming of honourable men, and the badge of envoys, what mockery is this you do to me?"
  "We mock you not, lady; but the Emperor of Rome has seen you in his sleep, and he has neither life nor spirit left because of you. You then shall have the choice, lady, whether you wilt go with us and be made empress of Rome, or that the emperor come here and take you for his wife?"
  "Ha, lords," said the maiden, "I will not deny what you say, neither will I believe it too well. If the emperor love me, let him come here to seek me."
[13:23]  Eala Du (cottonswan) nods her head and paces back and forth a little as she speaks in voice of man and maiden for dramatic effect, "And quite right he should go to his love!" the fae said indignant at the very idea of otherwise.
[13:23]  Eala Du (cottonswan): "And by day and night the messengers hied them back. And when their horses failed, they bought other fresh ones. And when they came to Rome, they saluted the Emperor, and asked their boon (favour), which was given to them according as they named it."
[13:23]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) says loud: "Fly with dragon!" And lets her dragon toy circles around herself on a stretched arm.
[13:25]  Eala Du (cottonswan) laughs a little as Medoria brings action to her tale, "Dragons outride horses I am in no doubt!" she agrees.
[13:25]  Eala Du (cottonswan): " "We will be your guides, lord," said they, "over sea and over land., to the place where is the woman whom best you love, for we know her name, and her kindred, and her race."
 And immediately the emperor set forth with his army. And these men were his guides. Towards the Island of Britain they went over the sea and the deep. And he conquered the Island from Beli the son of Manogan, and his sons, and drove them to the sea, and went forward even unto Arvon. And the emperor knew the land when he saw it."
[13:25]  Eala Du (cottonswan): "And when he beheld the castle of Aber Sain, "Look yonder," said he, "there is the castle where I saw the damsel whom I best love."
 And he went forward into the castle and into the hall, and there he saw Kynan the son of Eudav, and Adeon the son of Eudav, playing at chess. And he saw Eudav the son of Caradawc, sitting on a chair of ivory carving chessmen. And the maiden whom he had beheld in his sleep, he saw sitting on a chair of gold.
  "Empress of Rome," said he, "all hail!" And the emperor threw his arms about her neck; and that night she became his bride. "
[13:27]  Eala Du (cottonswan): "And the next day in the morning, the damsel asked her maiden portion. And he told her to name what she would. And she asked to have the Island of Britain for her father, from the Channel to the Irish Sea, together with the three adjacent Islands, to hold under the empress of Rome; and to have three chief castles made for her, in whatever places she might choose in the Island of Britain. And she chose to have the highest castle made at Arvon. And they brought thither earth from Rome that it might be more healthful for the emperor to sleep, and sit, and walk upon. After that the two other castles were made for her, which were Caerlleon and Caermarthen."
[13:28]  Eala Du (cottonswan) beckons to Medoria and whispers, "I have tread the very walls of Caerlleon and Caermarthen, so all true!" and then she makes secret with her fingers to her lips before standing for the very last of her story.
[13:28]  Eala Du (cottonswan): "And one day the emperor went to hunt at Caermarthen, and he came so far as the top of Brevi Vawr, and there the emperor pitched his tent. And that encamping place is called Cadeir Macsen, even to this day. And because that he built the castle with a myriad of men, he called it Caervyrddin. Then Helen bethought her to make high roads from one castle to another throughout the Island of Britain. And the roads were made. And for this cause are they called the roads of Helen Luyddawc, that she was sprung from a native of this island, and the men of the Island of Britain would not have made these great roads for any save for her...."
[13:28]  Nevoeei blinks a bit at what the woman asked of the emperor and shakes her head to herself, finishing her drink and setting the cup on the ground.
[13:29]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) looks to Eala and tilts her head and murmurs then: "Gold and rubies!"
[13:29]  Eala Du (cottonswan) looks about her, "there is more...but it is of war and such things…which for now bore me. I only give the beginning of a great union of love, that started with a dream." and she set to humming a song of Macsen and Helen, bowed prettily from waist with a flourish of wrist as she had seen the bards do, then laughed and clapped her hands lightly. "I know I marvel at my talents also." she told them all.
[13:30]  Mederia Seerose laughs and claps. "Milady, sure you do!" She bows her head to Lady Eala Du.
[13:31]  Eala Du (cottonswan) laughs again and bows her head again to all, "Gold and Rubies!" she repeats and from it seems the air reveals a ruby in palm, she lays it out for Medoria to look at.
[13:32]  Nevoeei frowns a bit, "That story seems silly. Why would someone become so upset over not meeting someone they dreamed of? Unless she used magic to make him want to come to her so she could get all those things..." she shakes her head, "It doesn't make sense. Love seems like a lot work and that it takes away form what you should be doing..."
[13:32]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) nods. Then she looks to Lady Eala with big eyes. "Ruby!" she calls out and tries to touch it after running over.
[13:33]  Mederia Seerose smiles at Medoria and looks then to Nevi. "Oh... you will find the magic of love early enough, I am sure."
[13:34]  Eala Du (cottonswan) turns her head to Nevi and smiles, "Do dreams make sense always...are they not often a mystery to unfold, and answer hidden within some magic?" she nods her head to Mederia's words, "Ah perhaps so young, not touched, or tainted by the pleasure or curse of love."
[13:35]  Nevoeei smiles fiantly at Medoria's exclamation before to Mederia, wrinkling her nose, "I'd rather not," she looks up to Eala then, nodding, "But that's dreams. I wouldn't go to search for some boy I might dream of."
[13:36]  Eala Du (cottonswan) drops the ruby to floor so Medoria can examine the ruby to hearts content. Her eyebrow arced with Nevi's answer, "Are you sure not?" and there was genuine surprise in her answer. "Come, dream may be vision and vision may be if you find your love in one, why not seek where he stands in the real!"
[13:37]  Mederia Seerose smiles to Nevi. "I am still searching my dream." Then she raises and bows her head to both, while Orchidee nods with a big smile and jingle to Nevi and also to Eala. Mederia says: "It is time to bring to little ones at the edge of the dreamland, that they can enter it for adventure." She winks.
[13:38]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) tries not to yawn and fails. She looks to Mederia and protests: "Ruby!" She points to the gem.
[13:39]  Eala Du (cottonswan) bows farewell to Mederia as she begins to take her leave, "Many adventures to be found in dreams." she agrees, then smiles to Nevi, "you have much talent to bring a vision before our eyes, and a delight it was to see my Lady Nevi." and she bows head to her, then to the elf of the silvery locks, before finally waggling fingers in farewell to Medoria and Orchidee too, of course!
[13:40]  Nevoeei stands up, and shrugs to Eala, "Love can be good, but sometimes it hurts a lot. And it's hard to find people that don't lie; liars are the worst kind," she nods decisively then over to Mederia, smiling a bit, "I should go, too, myself soon. I might look around a bit," at that Nascha seems to hoot in protest, though Nevi ignores her and looks to Eala, smiling, "Thank you. I'm trying to learn all I can when it comes to dream magic."
[13:42]  Mederia Seerose smiles and takes Medoria on her arms. "Oh, I will show you tomorrow some jewellery with rubies", she promises. "That will be one day yours." She gives the child a kiss on her nose and smiles then around. "May the moon light your dreams."
[13:42]  Eala Du (cottonswan) eyes fluctuate with the evident sadness of the child, who seems to carry great weight. "Never truer words, I however do not care to carry hurts. they bother my time!" and she frowned evidencing it a bother.
[13:43]  Nevoeei waves to Mederia and Medoira, along with the little Orchidee, "Sleep well you all, and dream well," she smiles before looking to Eala, "I don't carry hurts. I just carry lessons learned to keep me from hurting."
[13:44]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) waves with the dragon toy to all and calls out: "Stars!" and lets herself carry home.
[13:44]  Inddia Ametza: see you soon and sweet dreams :)
[13:45]  Eala Du (cottonswan) tilts her head as she waves a hand to see the others off, yet her eyes watch Nevi, "Well I am glad to hear it, for surely I will not take them from you if that be the case!" and even in her unkind words her smile was merry.

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