Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014

A Tale Telling in Elfennau at Saint Nicholas' Day

((Cleared of some OOC and mistakes))

In a Cottage in Elvennau:

[11:57]  Edryd Winterhawk (edryd) lands on the floor, face down.. he might squeal a bit as he is torn through space and time... He lays on the floor, breathing.
[11:58]  Edryd Winterhawk (edryd) gets up and looks around..
[11:58]  The little girl Medoria Seerose (mederia) giggles and hops around the laying Edryd. "Oh... portals!" She circles him with her dragon-toy in the hand when he stands up. "Chocolate!"
[11:59]  Mederia Seerose smiles to Edryd. "Some tea? - Welcome! You are the first." She tilts her head. "The feather knows about portals."
[11:59]  Edryd Winterhawk (edryd) frowns, then smiles, seeing where he is, 'Hello Mederia. Are you well?'
[12:03]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) stops with circling and looks up to Edryd. "I AM!"
[12:04]  Mederia Seerose looks at her daughter. "Yes, you are. But be nice, yes?" She smiles to Edryd. "We are. I know that some friends will come still, we have some time till it begins."
[12:06]  Nevoeei peeks inside the open door, more than a little soaked, "I knew this was your house when I saw it across the river!," she exclaims, beaming to Mederia.
[12:06]  Edryd Winterhawk (edryd) brushes himself down, 'Till what begins?'
[12:09]  Edryd Winterhawk (edryd) packs his pipe
[12:09]  Mederia Seerose blinks at Nevi. "Oh, that is wonderful that you are here!" She smiles. Orchidee waves jingling. Then Mederia looks to Edryd. "The Tale Telling. About Portals."
[12:10]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) runs to Nevi and claps in her tiny hands. "Chocolate and tales!"
[12:11]  Nevoeei nods, "Papa said I could come if I could find a way I did. And I brought Nascha, too," she nods to her owl, "If Papa comes, he'll probably bring Mama and Nuveim, but I don't know if he will," she shrugs a bit then smiles to Medoria, "I heard about that...and it's good to be seeing you, too."
[12:13]  Edryd Winterhawk (edryd) sees people arrive and smiles. He starts to light his pipe. This is one of the few places in the world that he feels safe.
[12:14]  Mederia Seerose: Be right back! *and goes upstairs*
[12:14]  Zamiyr lands, in much more than safe distance to the fireplace and walks up to the house, looking to the door sourly.
[12:15]  Edryd Winterhawk (edryd) sees Zamiyr and grins, 'You may come and go also?'
[12:15]  Mederia Seerose steps to Elendran and smiles. "You would like to come downstairs?"
[12:17]  Zamiyr looks at Edryd on hearing his voice. "Not quite, Prince Edryd." he replies through gritted teeth.
[12:17]  Nevoeei looks back behind her at the voice and waves to Zamiyr, before her eyes light up, "Oh! You didn't meet Nascha before, did you?"
[12:19]  Zamiyr shakes his head, not seeming too surprised to see Nevoeei here "No, not yet. A pleasure, Nasha. Look Paz. You´re in good company today.
[12:20]  Elendran Spitfire (zovvar.wylder) coming downstairs into the kitchen: G'evening all
[12:22]  Nevoeei glances over to the man who comes downstairs and waves a bit before walking over to Zamiyr as he speaks to Nascha, "She likes to have met you, too," she smiles then at his words to Paz about her owl.
[12:24]  Mederia Seerose rummages upstairs and comes then after Elendran with Orchidee again downstairs. She smiles and nods to Zamiyr and Pax and to the owl on Nevi's shoulder. She spots November through the window and smiles and waves to her to come in.
[12:24]  Zamiyr smiles to November. "Ah, hello, nice to meet you again, seems I´m in good company too then, with Orchidee and you."
[12:28]  November (novemberday): smiles to them all.
[12:28]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) looks to Pax and waves - and to Zamiyr and November also. Then she turns to Elendran and runs to him. "Cookie?!" the child asks with a wide smile.
[12:29]  Nevoeei smiles to the black-haired woman before going back inside to take up a cookie, though at Medoria's exclamation, she pauses and carefully sets the cookie back down. She glances around a moment before walking over to look at the picture on the wall, "My brother drew that," she murmurs, tilting her head slightly.
[12:29]  Elendran Spitfire (zovvar.wylder): I'd have eaten a muffin ... but that was before you "danced" in them.
[12:30]  Elendran Spitfire (zovvar.wylder): *grins*
[12:31]  Edryd Winterhawk (edryd) listens carefully
[12:31]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) looks to Elendran with big eyes. "Uhm...." she says. Then: "Not me! Mn'draco!" She raises her dragon-toy and nods seriously
[12:32]  Mederia Seerose s fairy giggles jingling and Mederia looks to Medoria and raises one brow. "I see..." she murmurs. Then she looks around. "Take something to drink and a cookie and then we start with the tales!"
[12:33]  Zamiyr looks over to Orchidee, then to the threshold. "It´s quite nice outside too…"
[12:34]  Edryd Winterhawk (edryd) sneaks a cookie
[12:35]  November (novemberday): watches Zamiyr, chuckles.
[12:35]  Mederia Seerose smiles to Zamiyr. "Take yourself a cushion there and sit outside! But I won't carry now all things out again." She winks. She looks around.
[12:36]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) takes a cookie and a cup of chocolate and plumbs to the ground, waiting and eating.
[12:37]  Zamiyr frowns slightly at Mederia´s words, but then shrugs and takes the invitation to get a cushion outside as an invitation to come inside and looks around interestedly.
[12:38]  Nevoeei looks away form the drawing, around a moment before to Zamiyr, "Why don't you want to come inside?"
[12:38]  Mederia Seerose smiles again and shakes her head lightly about her daughter on the ground. She looks from one to the other. "And ask November to come in also!" She laughs. "Welcome all to the very first Tale Telling in this cottage. In Elvennau. I have a tale to tell but... maybe one of you has a tale first?" She tilts her head and waits.
[12:41]  Mederia Seerose s fairy looks over to the picture at the wall and nods jingling, then shakes her head, looking at Mederia.
[12:41]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) says seriously, eating cookies: "Portals!"
[12:41]  Zamiyr just snorts at Nevi´s question, then turns to November with a slight grin.. "You heard, sister? Come in, you´re invited inside." He looks to Mederia then again. "I´m curious to hear your tale."
[12:42]  Nevoeei drops down to the floor where she was, placing her hands on her knees as she looks to Mederia curiously.
[12:43]  Mederia Seerose nods to Zamiyr and smiles to the children. "Then I will start. The theme shall be: Portals. My tale has no title till now... maybe we will find one later. It is the tale of two children. One is a human girl, the other a dragoness of young age and small shape."
[12:44]  November (novemberday): smiles to Zamiyr but takes a piece from the edible shroom and watches through the window
[12:45]  Edryd Winterhawk (edryd) hugs his knees and listens, smiling
[12:46]  Mederia Seerose nods. "The young human girl is called Rose, and she lives together with her mother and her foster father in a small town. They run a stonemason's workshop, and even the small girl of about... seven years has to help with the work. They earn their living, their health is well. Only... "
[12:47]  Zamiyr listens but watches Elendran more than Mederia for a while before focusing back on the current story-weaver, raising a brow at the stonemason´s workshop mention.
[12:47]  Nevoeei: Nascha flies up a bit to get off of Nevi's shoulder to rather perch on the counter behind her, preening her feathers. Nevi leans a bit forward with the owl off her shoulder so her elbows rest on her knees and her chin in her hands.
[12:47]  Elendran Spitfire (zovvar.wylder) frowns.
[12:48]  Mederia Seerose looks to the window: "... only that the foster father has the bad habit, that he has a temper and more temper when he is drunk. And the small girl has often, when she hides in bed after a long day, some hurting spots. She doesn't know what to do and her mother only says: "He isn't so well with children, see... it will be better, when you are grown." But the child is often sad and cries in the night."
[12:48]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) blinks and forgets to eat, frowns.
[12:50]  Mederia Seerose smiles to her daughter. "The other girl, who is a dragon, lives with her family in a cave high in the mountains. Her family is nice and she has a good life. But she is so tiny! And all things a big dragon is able to do, she can't. She isn't strong - yet. She isn't able to spit fire. She can't well fly. And she is tired of hearing: "The tiny one, ah she will grow!""
[12:51]  Zamiyr frowns when Medoria does.
[12:52]  Edryd Winterhawk (edryd) listens carefully
[12:53]  Mederia Seerose continues: "It is this time of year we have now. When the year is ending and a new will begin. And it is the time when Saint Nicholas will come to the children. I am always surprised, that in the one or other kind this tale is alive in the hearts of the children. As it is with the little human girl and the tiny dragoness. They both have wishes for Saint Nicholas and they both tell him lying on their sleeping places. So the human child says: "
[12:53]  Nevoeei gets up and walks over to take a cookie before going back to her spot near the fire, which was helping to dry her off from her brief swim.
[12:53]  November (novemberday): listens and nibbles on the shroom but frowns too about the poor child. Waves to the fae with the pretty wings who now came
[12:53]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) smiles to Nevi and looks at her own cookie, bites in it.
[12:55]  Mederia Seerose lets her voice sound younger and hushed: " "Dear Saint Nicholas, I want... I want... please I wish that I can show my father, that he shouldn't be bad to me! I don't want a doll..." and the little girl sighs deeply, because she really would love a new doll with long hair, as the old lost all of her old "I don't want new shoes. Please, maybe you could do that?" “
[12:55]  November (novemberday): my portal story is about Saint Nik *chimes in and hushes again*
[12:55]  Edryd Winterhawk (edryd) shivers
[12:56]  Melani (eiraiseult) lands lightly outside the hut, smiling a bit as she catches a bit of the tale being told. She gives a faint nod to the waving woman, before walking up to the doorway and leaning bit on it as she peers inside to the group, before smiling to Zamiyr, waving her fingers at him.
[12:56]  Zamiyr looks over to Melani. "Hello, my lovely, come in and listen to the tale."
[12:57]  Mederia Seerose adds in another young voice, sounding more rough and warm: ""Dear Saint Nicholas" the dragon girl says." “ Mederia looks up and smiles to Melani. “ "Please, I want to be useful for my family! I want to be able to DO something that would be worth to do. Yes?" And both children wait for the Saint Nicholas day."
[12:58]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) looks up and waves to Melani.
[12:58]  Edryd Winterhawk (edryd) smiles
[12:59]  Nevoeei glances to the doorway and waves to the newly arriving fae before to Medoria at Mederia's words, focusing on the latter again after a moment.
[13:00]  Melani (eiraiseult) bows her head a bit at the waves and smiles before to Zamiyr, seeming to think a moment before shrugging and walking inside, stepping to the side Paz wasn't on to kiss his cheek before folding her wings close to her body, looking around the room doubtfully.
[13:00]  Mederia Seerose smiles and tells: "And then the day of Saint Nicholas comes and the human children put their socks out and the little dragons build nice stone nests for their gifts. But the human girl doesn't put a sock out and the dragoness doesn't build a nest. They only go to bed and in their small hearts is the hope of a -real- gift of Saint Nicholas. So both fall asleep. ... But in the middle of the night..."
[13:01]  Edryd Winterhawk (edryd) leans forward
[13:01]  Mederia Seerose smiles to the children. "... in the middle of the night Rose wakes and she sees, that there is a shine in her little room. It is coming from under her bed! She is in fear. Under her bed... there are monsters living!"
[13:02]  Zamiyr smiles, listening silently.
[13:02]  Mederia Seerose nods seriously. "And the little dragoness wakes and... she sees a shine from behind a wall next to her sleeping cave. Eagerly she stands up and sneaks, trying to wake nobody, over to the light."
[13:03]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) nods eagerly. "Dragons no fear!"
[13:03]  November (novemberday): Monsters! How awful the poor girl! I hope nothing happened to her! *shivers*
[13:04]  Nevoeei raises a brow briefly at Mederia's smile to her, seeming a bit unconvinced, but keeps quiet, eating her cookie.
[13:05]  Mederia Seerose smiles to her daughter. "But the little human girl needs a long time, lying in her bed, till she has the heart to look under it. And there... is a small door. And the small door is open and the shine falls through it. She is so surprised, that she steps out of the bed and under it and isn't at all surprised, that she is so tiny, that she can walk easily under her bed and to the door." Mederia inhales. "And the dragon girl hums and enters the light of the small cave, she never ever had seen before, curious and without any fear."
[13:07]  Edryd Winterhawk (edryd) shivers
[13:07]  Mederia Seerose nods. "Behind the door... is a meadow. It is the moonlight, that lights the doors. And the glittering of white snow and the stars. And the light of the lanterns, hanging in the trees around. And there is a small cottage between the trees and there is an open door. But first, when the two girls step out in the snow..."
[13:07]  Edryd Winterhawk (edryd) groans as he is dragged back
[13:07]  Zamiyr strokes over Paz´s wings lightly when she starts traipsing about on his shoulder, not liking to be inside, but he doesn´t move else and keeps listening.
[13:08]  Mederia Seerose looks to Edryd and sighs, when the bard is called away.
[13:08]  Melani (eiraiseult) frowns lightly, looking to Paz then over to the owl, blinking a moment before shaking her head to herself and focusing on the story again.
[13:08]  Mederia Seerose looks around. "Where do we were?" she asks.
[13:09]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) drinks chocolate and says: "Snow!"
[13:10]  Zamiyr shrugs. "Probably some skald duties up in the North, they need music and songs to keep them warm..." he frowns, looking to the green grass outside, then to Medoria. "Green to gold to white, you said, little dragonlady?"
[13:10]  Nevoeei blinks a bit as one of the men disappears, looking around for a moment with furrowed brows, then to Zamiyr at his words before shrugging and looking back to Mederia.
[13:11]  Mederia Seerose blinks at Medoria: "Snow? Oh... yes... snow." She looks to Zamiyr, raising one brow. Then she smiles and tells further: "The two girls step into the snow. The one with bare feet and in her grey nightdress, the other on her four claws and with eagerly raised head with dragon teeth and eyes, glowing in the night."
[13:11]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) looks shortly to Zamiyr and nods. Then back to her mother and nods again.
[13:11]  November (novemberday): sighs when she heard it had been a skald who had left but she breaks more from the shroom and listens again with a smile
[13:11]  Melani (eiraiseult) sighs a bit at the word 'snow' being said multiple times, looking out the door a moment a bit longingly before over to Mederia, leaning on the counter behind her.
[13:14]  Mederia Seerose smiles: "As you can easily think yourself, Rose is so in fear about the dragoness, although so small, and the dragoness is almost not interested till the human girl cries out: "A monster!!!" The small dragoness looks to Rose and asks: "Oh, where?!" And turns around herself, a bit now worried about the monsters that may wait here in the forest. And then... "
[13:17]  Mederia Seerose looks to Elendran with a short glance. She looks back to the children and tells: "Then a man steps out of the cottage. He is old. He is white haired. He wears something long and red with white fur. He looks quite like the children think, Saint Nicholas should look. He comes to the children and says warmly: "I am no monster." He looks from Rose, who gathers all her courage, to the dragoness, who looks really interested to the human girl. "You had both a wish, and I have no real idea, how to give you, what you want... but my fae had an idea.... maybe you both could help each other. I want to make a suggestion."
[13:18]  Zamiyr raises his left hand to stroke over the edge of Melani´s wing now, grinning to himself a moment, then listens again.
[13:20]  Mederia Seerose tilts her head and says: ""I will change both of you in the shape of the other and give you one day at the home of the other." The dragoness blinks and says: "Oh... but... but I am only a little human ... thing then!" And the human girl says at the same time: "I don't want to be a monster!" And both fall quiet and look at each other and then at Saint Nicholas, pondering."
[13:21]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) huffs.
[13:21]  Mederia Seerose looks to the children. "Would do you have done it?"
[13:21]  November (novemberday): *chuckles* Fae have lots of good ideas
[13:22]  Zamiyr grins. "What´s it like to be a dragon."
[13:22]  Melani (eiraiseult) 's wings shiver a bit at Zamiyr's touch, and she looks to him with a brief smile before to Mederia, raising a brow a moment before back to Zamiyr, sighing slightly but with a hint of amusement in her icy eyes.
[13:23]  Mederia Seerose laughs and nods. "The both look at each other and the little red dragoness looks at the fair child and sighs and says: "I am curious, I'll do it." And the human child nods and says: "I... I... try it." And so Saint Nicholas changes them and sends the both girls through the doors back... each into the world of the other."
[13:24]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) easts cookie. "Hmmmmm....." she says.
[13:25]  Elendran Spitfire (zovvar.wylder): *takes a cookie also, before Medoria has eaten them all*
[13:27]  Zamiyr leans over to Melani´s ear and whispers "I bet I know if you´d have done it, my precious." he grins and watches the children then curiously for their replies.
[13:29]  Mederia Seerose winks to her daughter. "The end of the tale is fast told. Try to hit a child, that has the heart of a dragon! You will regret it. It will be fierce and strong and even in a human shape it will show you, that there is nothing that makes it right to do so. The foster father never ever dares to hit his foster daughter again. The little girl in dragon shape finds out, that she knows a lot about the fine art of the stonemasons and she is able to help carve the caves in a wonderful way and their family look at their both daughters with other eyes. Both go back in the night, after a long and fruitful day, and they met at the snowy forest and they tell each other and there is laughing and fun and giggling and friendship and love. And Saint Nicholas smiles." She smiles also. "In the end... when they go back to their families for the rest of their life..."
[13:30]  Nevoeei: It took a moment before she realized Mederia's question was directed at her and she shrugs, "Seems to only really only the human girl," she murmurs quietly as Mederia continues, before tilting her head, " a strange way to solve things. If the dragon girl was in the human girl's body, shouldn't she have been just as strong or weak as the human girl? And as likely to get hurt?"
[13:31]  Melani (eiraiseult) raises a brow at Zamiyr's whisper, "Oh? Do you know?," she murmurs, looking to him curiously before to the two children then to Mederia.
[13:33]  Mederia Seerose nods. "In the end their worlds changed because they changed in the one day somewhere else, going through portals." She smiles to Nevi. "There is a big difference in a child raising its hands and going backwards and to a child standing high and asking why. Sure... it was so weak in this body as the human child. But her eyes... the eyes were different. And so were the eyes from the human child, when it came back from its journey to the dragons. And... they became friends. They found out how to use the hidden portals under the bed and in the dragon cave. I think... they helped each other one or more times in their life further. And so this tale has an end - and no end. Because they lived on." She bows her head.
[13:35]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) says: "Rose where?" She looks curiously to her mother.
[13:35]  Elendran Spitfire (zovvar.wylder): *nods approvingly* A very nice tale
[13:35]  Zamiyr laughs at the end of the story and Nevi´s reply, then looks to Melani with raised brows. "That sounds as if I´m wrong with what I think, my lovely..." he replies., sounding rather surprised, then listens again to Mederia. "The dragon girl maybe..." he murmurs.
[13:36]  Nevoeei frowns, still looking doubtful even after Mederia's explanation but nods, "if you say so. But it's good they became friends at least."
[13:36]  November (novemberday): Yes, very nice. I would be a dragon or a human for a day! I'll ask Saint Nik if I meet him *claps*
[13:37]  Mederia Seerose smiles to Zamiyr. "Who knows... Special humans live longer. Maybe they bonded even?" She winks. She blushes about the praise and then she says fast: "Ah... November! I am eager to hear your story about Saint Nik!"
[13:37]  Melani (eiraiseult) smiles a bit to Zamiyr, You probably aren't wrong, what I meant to sound like was curious as to what you think. And, who knows, if you're right, you may win something nice," she grins a bit before looking to Mederia, "It was an interesting story, that's for certain."
[13:38]  Zamiyr looks to Melani a moment, but then over to November, listening silently.
[13:39]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) raises to get new cookies and reaches her cup to Elendran. "Chocolate!" she says demanding.
[13:40]  November (novemberday): *waves her hands* it is just a tiny little small tale because it was the only time I used a portal. I have no other portal tales
[13:40]  Nevoeei looks to Mederia then to November before back to Mederia, standing up to walk over to her and whisper, "Can I go after her? I'm not sure how long I can stay. It's an experiment."
[13:41]  Elendran Spitfire (zovvar.wylder): thank you *takes the cup of choclolate*
[13:41]  Mederia Seerose looks to Nevi: "What you want, dear. And if you have problems with your... experiment, I would help you."
[13:42]  Melani (eiraiseult) frowns a bit as Zamiyr looks away, maybe seeming to pout a bit before sighing heavily and looking to November.
[13:42]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) blinks when Elendran takes her empty cup of chocolate. She points to the jug and says: "Fill?" with a tilted head.
[13:42]  November (novemberday): my tale is about a fae. She had lost her wings. a wizard did that. her parents had asked him to do it...
[13:43]  Mederia Seerose takes herself a tea and listens to November.
[13:43]  Nevoeei smiles, "No, it's fine, I don't need help," she says reassuringly before going to sit down again, listening to November's story.
[13:43]  Elendran Spitfire (zovvar.wylder): *sighs*
[13:43]  Elendran Spitfire (zovvar.wylder): there I was thinking I was getting some
[13:43]  Elendran Spitfire (zovvar.wylder): *takes the bowl of chocolate and gives her a refill*
[13:44]  Mederia Seerose looks a bit irritated to her daughter and Elendran and hides then a smile.
[13:44]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) beams at Elendran and goes back to her spot to sit down with fresh chocolate and new cookies. One cookie she reaches to Orchidee.
[13:46]  November (novemberday): and so...she could never fly...but...After many years she had left the land she was born at and had come to a different one. She liked it a lot. because it had the wonderfullest
[13:46]  November (novemberday): trees if all...
[13:47]  Mederia Seerose tilts her head, looking to November.
[13:48]  Melani (eiraiseult) frowns a bit, reaching back briefly to touch her own wings before moving her head to lightly stoke over the feathers of Zamiyr's.
[13:52]  Zamiyr tilts his head, looking over to Melani.
[13:52]  November (novemberday): But one day the trees got sad and they said goodbye to the people of the land and they knew something must be wrong. The people who listened to the trees. but some people don't believe that trees can talk and so they could not hear them...
[13:55]  Melani (eiraiseult) smiles a bit at Zamiyr's look, simply keeping to stroking over his wing, leaning in briefly to kiss him, before listening again, frowning slightly.
[13:56]  Mederia Seerose frowns, looking at November and nods then. She murmurs: "They can."
[13:57]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) looks up to her mother, still eating cookies and asks wondering: "Talk? Trees?!"
[13:57]  November (novemberday): and many people don't believe that other people can hear the trees too and so many people not took the warning of the ones who the trees talked to serious...and so something very very bad would have happened to them perhaps because they saw no reasons to take care and prepare for what was it that the trees did know would come...
[13:58]  Nevoeei looks over to Medoira, "Some trees talk more than others," she whispers.
[13:59]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) looks over to Nevi with big eyes. "Yes?" She blinks. "Oh."
[14:00]  Zamiyr shifts his weight, leaning slightly against Melani´s shoulder and wings, but listens to the tale curiously.
[14:00]  Mederia Seerose shakes her head slightly and stands up, taking her chair to the table and Medoria at her side. She whispers: "I'll explain it later, promised." She winks to Medoria and smiles by this to Elendran and looks back to November.
[14:05]  November (novemberday): The trees warned those who could...or wanted...listen and so some left the land and some waited with the land, they wanted to protect even the people who would not want to listen to trees or to people who talk to trees...and it was a long time like the land held its breath. And then it happened. In only a short time...The land...went to sleep...and many would have fallen asleep with it.. If old man suddenly had come...
[14:06]  November (novemberday): They called him...Saint Nik. Some knew him some not. But he promised them all a portal to leave another Land. A safe Land.
[14:07]  Nevoeei listens quietly, beckoning Nascha back to her shoulder, brushing over her head with a finger as she listens, biting on her lip.
[14:09]  Zamiyr doesn´t move and looks into the distance, dreaming of purple trees, the eyes of the falcon unfocused as well as his own.
[14:11]  Mederia Seerose nods slowly, listening to November.
[14:11]  Melani (eiraiseult) rests her head on Zamiyr's shoulder, since he was leaning a bit against her, looking around to the ones in the room before back to November.
[14:13]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) looks up to Mederia: "Promised!" Then she looks to Elendran: "Chocolate?" and reaches him her again empty cup, her mouth still a bit brown with sweet chocolate.
[14:13]  Elendran Spitfire (zovvar.wylder): “Here we go again.”
[14:14]  Elendran Spitfire (zovvar.wylder) mutters.
[14:14]  Elendran Spitfire (zovvar.wylder) gives Medoria a refill as well.
[14:14]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) looks up to Elendran with a wide smile. "Thanks!" she whispers a lot too loud.
[14:15]  Mederia Seerose holds one finger before her lips, gazing to Medoria. Orchidee giggles jingling. Mederia looks at Elendran and whispers: "Sorry...."
[14:16]  November (novemberday): and that was when the fae walked through a portal for the first time. and it was as if she could fly. For the first time. It was a wonderful and safe new land. and still the children of all races of the land wait every year on the evening Saint Nik made the portal for him to come back and open a new portal in a new Land.
[14:17]  Mederia Seerose looks to November, at her wingless back and tilts her head, pondering.
[14:18]  November (novemberday): But nobody had ever seen him since then. but. The children always find chocolate and other things in the next morning and are happy and dream of many foreign lands full of wonders while they eat all the chocolate *smiles*
[14:19]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) drinks more chocolate and has still a cookie in one hand and smiles happily.
[14:20]  Zamiyr: "Chocolate." he says a bit dryly, but smiles slightly when he looks over to Medoria a moment.
[14:21]  Mederia Seerose smiles. "I heard, he brings nuts and apples also to the human. Dragons like to tell that he brings them with a cover of gold." She winks to Medoria down.
[14:22]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) blinks. "Gold..." she says dreamingly and yawns then.
[14:22]  Melani (eiraiseult) raises a brow and murmurs, "You have something against chocolate, my dear?"
[14:23]  Nevoeei blinks, "Nuts and apples?," she furrows her brows but shrugs then, looking over to Medoria with a light smile at her yawn.
[14:24]  Zamiyr: "No, my lovely. Against too happy ends." he grins a bit, but smiles to November then. "A nice tale. And I´m sure the trees behind you did listen well."
[14:25]  November (novemberday): *turns around and chuckled* yes they did, they are yawning too
[14:26]  Melani (eiraiseult) nods, "Ah, of course," she murmurs, her fingers moving to brush over the base of one of his wings for a brief moment, before looking to November, "It was a nice story, besides a fae losing their wings of course," she frowns a bit at that.
[14:26]  Mederia Seerose s fairy yawns hearty and glares to the dragon-child. Mederia looks to Orchidee and sighs. "Bedtime for you...", she says silently. Then she smiles to November. "I like happy ends. And I speak for my daughter: Even dragons like chocolate." She looks to the cookies and muffins. "Nevi, you should take some for your brother with you."
[14:27]  Nevoeei nods, "I can do that," she smiles then stands, glancing around a moment before to Mederia, "I have a story for next time, at least, since it seems everyone needs a bed," she explains, glancing briefly to Medoria before walking over to the cookies and muffins, looking to them with a tilted head.
[14:27]  November (novemberday): *nods* but it saved her life. creatures with wings were not welcome in her land *smiles a bit* the wizard in this tale was not a evil one
[14:28]  Zamiyr pulls on Melani´s wings slightly. "Time to go and listen to some trees..."
[14:29]  Mederia Seerose smiles to Nevi. "I am sure, that I will offer you cookies and tea and tales next week also. Like we did it in the Anam. The day isn't decided yet, but maybe... we can talk about it in a dream." She winks to the girl.
[14:29]  Elendran Spitfire (zovvar.wylder): Aye, time to get some rest as well
[14:30]  Elendran Spitfire (zovvar.wylder): 't was nice meeting y'all
[14:30]  November (novemberday): *smiles* I hope I will hear the other stories next time. I am tired too I need to go to...A good place for fae to rest *waves and poofs*
[14:32]  Zamiyr smiles brightly to Elendran. "It was." he looks around a moment in the hut, then reaches for Melani´s hand to pull her out of the house, the falcon screeching excitedly noticing they are about to leave. "Dream well."
[14:32]  Melani (eiraiseult) smiles to Zamiyr, "That sounds like a wonderful idea," she nods then to the rest, "I hope you all sleep well," she says before going to leave with Zamiyr.
[14:32]  Elendran Spitfire (zovvar.wylder): night night
[14:32]  Mederia Seerose looks over to Zamiry and Melani: "May the moon be with you. And till the next time, we meet!"
[14:33]  Mederia Seerose s fairy waves jingling and with a big yawn.
[14:33]  Medoria Seerose (mederia) waves and yawns and beams.
[14:34]  Nevoeei nods, "We can talk in dreams, of course," she says, taking a few cookies and muffins before smiling to the rest, "Safe paths, I'll see you sometime... maybe..." before hurrying out and a bit away before seeming to disappear.

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