Samstag, 20. Juni 2015

A Class about the Letter 'A' by Mederia Seerose – 19.06.2015

At Cirra'Liel

((cleaned of OOC and some mistakes))

[11:44] Sinfonie (sin.ying) smiles. "It is very important to learn many things, young lady. Or can you read and write and do mathematics already?" she asks kindly.
[11:44] Medoria Seerose (mederia) blushes deeply and looks to her mother. She murmurs: "Sorry... but... but...." Then she looks to Sinfonie: "Read! Write! And counts."
[11:45] Sinfonie (sin.ying) nods. "That is good, then you have a basis and can learn many other things quick."
[11:45] Mederia Seerose bows her head to Sinfonie. "Greetings to you. And she can indeed read quite well... but there is much more to learn." She smiles. "We are heading to the school right now."
[11:47] Medoria Seerose (mederia) sighs deeply, presses her dragon-toy to her and goes then straight forward, still looking grumpy.
[11:47] Sinfonie (sin.ying) smiles. "Greetings to you, too. You don´t maybe know where infirmary is? I can´t find it after everything here was destroyed. I don´t know if it even has been rebuilt."
[11:48] Mederia Seerose looks after her daughter, then to Sinfonie: "Is saw two even... one at the elven settlement and one at the town. But I can't even say where exactly... It -is- too new still." She frowns. "But you have to excuse me... this child...." She hurries to follow Medoria.

Shortly after this Mederia, Medoria and Orchidee enter the mage-guild, where the classroom is situated.

[11:50] Mederia Seerose bows her head with a smile to Kiros. "Greetings to you." She carries a stack of parchment of all sizes and some charcoals and some bound together books. She adds: "I took the last of my own. But thanks to you we will get more in short time."
[11:51] Medoria Seerose (mederia) looks at Kiros and says: "Greeets!" Then she looks for the best place to hide for the class...
[11:51] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) nods. "I sent out what I could, Let's see if others get interested."He then nods to Medoria. "Ava'Yorn."
[11:54] Mederia Seerose nods and looks with a frown behind her daughter, trying to fit on the chairs. "We will see..." She smiles then shortly and goes to the front.
[11:55] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) nods his head and resumes his place in the corner. "If anything, atleast you'll have a room proper to teach your own for today."
[11:55] Medoria Seerose (mederia) gives Kiros a look, that could light a candle.
[11:57] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) nods and watches the others. "In the future, More shall come, I do believe."
[12:00] Mederia Seerose smiles to Kiros. "For sure."
[12:02] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) nods and watches, curious of what was going to be taught.
[12:03] Peηηie (penelope.riddler) rushes into the classroom with highly red face: "ssssssssorry Miss!!! I am late!!!" she apologizes fast and finds a seat "greetings all" she says smiling and breathless
[12:05] Mederia Seerose finished just laying the parchments on the desk and gives Pennie a smile. "We will still wait some minutes to give pupils time to arrive... it is the first class and the schedule isn't known yet."
[12:05] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): is it real school?
[12:05] Medoria Seerose (mederia) looks to Pennie with a bright smile and whispers: "Greeeets!"
[12:06] Peηηie (penelope.riddler) nods eagerly and waves jingling to Miss Mederia "have you been well Miss?" she whispers before the lesson starts
[12:06] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) Nods his head to Leo. "Ava'Yorn, It is a class being taught by Mederia, You can join in and see for yourself, of course." A smirk. "I am sure she'll tell you the rest and the lessons, of course!"
[12:06] Mederia Seerose looks up to Leo and tilts her head. "I would like to ask -you- what you think a real school is and what you would like for a kind of school." She winks.
[12:07] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): (to Rhyss) "i won
[12:07] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): well.. see.. a real school is.. kinda boring.. and you haf ta sit still and so
[12:07] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): i like a school where we tell stories
[12:08] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): mersides.. i already know eeeeeverything
[12:09] Mederia Seerose laughs to Leo. "Oh, great! I can need help while teaching." She bows her head to Rhyss and turns then to look over the benches. She asks: "I know that Medoria like tales. And you, Pennie?"
[12:09] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) hrms. "You know everything?" A soft smirk is seen.
[12:09] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): uh huh (nods lots)
[12:09] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) raises a claw. "What is Astral Magic."
[12:09] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): but just sometimes i pretend not to know stuff, because else the other people go jealous ans so
[12:09] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) chuckles.
[12:10] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): Astral magic is silly magic, because you just ask mother nature, and then it happens
[12:10] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): that's how you do it
[12:11] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) smirks. "That is Lore and Legend, mostly, Astral is not, alas. One day I shall begin Astral magic classes myself., and you will see."
[12:11] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): the only real magic is our magic.. the rest is just fake
[12:11] Rhyss Hailleaf (rhyss) smiles at his little brothers comments...."Leo is very his own way."
[12:11] Peηηie (penelope.riddler) looks from one to the next and listens curiously
[12:11] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) smirks but just rolls with it. He will not hijack Mederia's class.
[12:12] Peace tries to tackle Pennie with glomps all the glomps!
[12:12] Mederia Seerose shakes her head a bit amused and looks to Kiros. "Oh, good! Another teacher. And: You gave me the first thing, I would like to tell a tale. It is the tale of the Alphabet." She tilts her head. "There are a lot of ways to write. But I want to ask you today about the first letter of the Common Alphabet of the humans, as you will see it mostly written down." She nods to Peace welcoming. "Almost in time."
[12:12] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): (feels like eh won, and gloats a bit)
[12:13] Peηηie (penelope.riddler) almost falls off her chair seeing Peace with the masquerade and "eeeks" ....looking up she says "you look creepy today lil one"
[12:14] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) smirks and motions to the seats. "Please, do take a seat." Quietly.
[12:14] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): i wanna see school first.. maybe i don't like it
[12:16] Peace chuckles hearing Mederia."Took me too long getting me pants on ."He grins before trying to nuzzle tiny Pennie fairy and her luffs."Sometimes."He laughs before looking at the teacher.
[12:16] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): i hate pants
[12:16] Rhyss Hailleaf (rhyss) descends the steps and goes to stand next to Kiros as to not be a distraction for Mederia.
[12:17] Peηηie (penelope.riddler) giggles at the nuzzle and gives Peace a hug sitting at one edge of his table with her own tiny book and pencil
[12:17] Mederia Seerose tilts her head and says to Leo: "School... you would like to have a school of tales? I think that is a great idea. What should be the tales about? The 'A' of the Alphabet had to go also to school and it didn't liked it at all. Somebody knows how the Common A is drawn?"
[12:17] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) nods to Rhyss in greetings, before looking to Mederia and her lesson.
[12:17] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): I know my letter
[12:18] Medoria Seerose (mederia) nods but says nothing, blushing and looking down on her desk. Her finger is painting a A in the fur of her dragon toy, but hidden.
[12:18] Thurkearan (ebonaku.dragovar) wanders up to see who showed up to the class out of some sort of curiosity, leaning against the corner next to the stairs.
[12:19] Mederia Seerose nods to Leo with a smile. "What -is- your letter? Can you show it to us? And tell a tale about?" Orchidee jingles and waves to Thurkearan, while Mederia looks still to Leo.
[12:20] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): its like so... Luh... "draws a hook in the air"
[12:20] Peace chitters happily hugging the small fae still sleepy and waking up as he was just content holding the pocket sized woman.
[12:20] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): and it kinda doesn't have much of a story, its just my name letter
[12:20] Thurkearan (ebonaku.dragovar) gives a little nod when he notices the diminutive fae giving him a wave.
[12:24] Mederia Seerose nods to Leo. "It will have a story for sure, when you will give it one. See, names want to tell us a tale. A lot of names have a meaning and you can tell about every thing a whole story if you want - and the thing will tell you one, if you listen. But this you know, I am sure." She turns and writes an 'A' and an 'a' on the chalkboard. "This is the first letter of the alphabet of the Common. So it looks when it feels big and proud, and this it has, when it feels more like being a bit small and normal. If it feels really sad and unwell... then it looks a bit like... " She draws an uneven circle, that isn't really an a anymore... "... this and nobody will recognise it any more."
[12:25] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): i can call it a if it likes..
[12:25] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): i mean.. we all feel a bit sad sometimes, but when i feel sad I'm still Leo
[12:26] Peηηie (penelope.riddler) smiles at the nice explanation of Miss Mederia and nods drawing the letters on her paper
[12:27] Mederia Seerose smiles and turns back to the class and looks to the people, then to Leo. She nods. "You are... but maybe the others won't recognise in the sad and unwell feeling Leo the Leo you are normally?" She winks. "And it is a tale. It begins with the unwell feeling a. It is the first letter and you should think, it should be happy about this... but it felt unhappy because it had to go to school. The first time ever. And it hated school."
[12:28] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): nods slowly.. frowning a bit too
[12:28] Medoria Seerose (mederia) murmurs: "Like me...." She grumbles and draws a small a into the fur of her toy.
[12:30] Mederia Seerose looks to Medoria with a nod and then to the other pupils: "What do you think could be the reason that the a felt so unhappy and hated school? Tell me the reasons you can think of to hate school, please."
[12:30] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): maybe school was mean to the a?
[12:31] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): i know i know! the school captured the soul of the "a" and gave it to the unseelies to put in a bottle
[12:31] Peace face slumps on the desk tired
[12:31] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) folds his arms and smirks, he was curious of the answers. Granted, the on;y school he went to was another dragon in curiosity.
[12:31] Peηηie (penelope.riddler) pokes a finger into Peaces ear: "heeeey sleepyhead.....wake up!!" she frowns
[12:32] Mederia Seerose nods to Leo. "But it never went before to the school... Oh... schools can catch souls? I guess, it could be that the a heard that. Maybe from other pupils." She looks to the sleeping Peace and Pennie: "Any other ideas of hating schools?"
[12:33] Peace shrugs to Mederia trying to drool his answer to Pennie."Eh..I don't hate school if I have good teachers."
[12:34] Peηηie (penelope.riddler) looks up and blinks: "errr...umm....maybe it....was um...." she blushed "maybe it was in the wrong class?"
[12:34] Medoria Seerose (mederia) says: "Doing stupid." She blushes and seems to shrink on her chair.
[12:36] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): you can't do stupid.. stupid is something you are...
[12:36] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): you can do silly maybe
[12:37] Rhyss Hailleaf (rhyss) makes a mental connection between Leo and being silly.
[12:37] Mederia Seerose nods to Peace. "Maybe the a had a bad teacher." To Pennie: "To not find the right class... or being in the wrong class with a subject really not interesting for it... or because it fears that others would think that it is stupid." She nods. "And it was a bit like this. The a was never before in school and heard a lot of stupid things about school from older children. It thought, they learned only stupid things and that it never would learn it and that it would seem to all, that it is the most stupid pupil of all pupils of all times."
[12:38] Medoria Seerose (mederia) looks to Leo and blushes deeply. She bites on her lip and presses the toy against her. "Being stupid", she whispers to it.
[12:39] Peace looks to Mederia since he assumed she was the teacher since she did all the talking."When do we do magic?"
[12:40] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): (snips his fingers, making the writing feather jump up and hover in front of Peace's nose)
[12:41] Mederia Seerose tilts her head and smiles to Peace. "There. Leo, can you make it write an a on the parchment?"
[12:41] Peace tries to poke curiously at the feather and take it out of the air.
[12:41] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): uhm.. nah.. because the feather doesn't know the !a! yet
[12:44] Mederia Seerose smiles. "Oh... A feather knows rarely how an a is written. The one that leads it has to know it." She concentrates and raises one hand. She murmurs a Word and a bit of light is collecting over her fingertips. "See..." The light is flowing over to the parchment and settles on it in the shape of a big A. "Maybe your feather will follow the light, if you help it a bit?" A tiny, lighter point is drawing the A slowly. When it is at the end, it begins new.
[12:45] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): (doesn't want to admit that magic is beyond his cantrip level) naah.. Peace do it.. he's smart
[12:46] Mederia Seerose smiles to Leo and looks to Peace. "The aim is to write an A on your parchments. How you do it... is your choice. Please, try it. There are writing things for each of you on our desks."
[12:47] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) smirks as he watches the class, it was indeed something he didn't quite expect. He decides to muse. "The story of the A is all in how it is written..."
[12:48] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): (gets curious and wants to try too) "can you make me a light too mis?
[12:48] Rakant (wrypatrick) makes his way up the stairs, looking up towards the top of the stairs as he gets closer, hearing voices. As he moves inside, and turns the corner he spots a good amount of folk down in the classroom. And next to him, Thurkearan. His head tilts lightly and he decides to keep silent to not interrupt.
[12:49] Rhyss Hailleaf (rhyss) smiles within himself....thinking that at this rate by the time they get to the Z the snow will be deep on the ground around Seavale.
[12:49] Medoria Seerose (mederia) takes the charcoal and looks at her mother, then at the parchment. She looks to the other children and then back to her desk. She hides her writing behind a hand, where she draws an A and an a and a circle. After a short thought she draws in the circle two points and a downward bow.
[12:50] Mederia Seerose nods to Leo and smiles. A light is showing the writing of an A on his parchment.
[12:50] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): (sits) and gets the feather and follows the dot
[12:51] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): draws a O on the paper too
[12:52] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): LOOK! (holds the paper up) i did a happy and a unhappy one
[12:53] Peace looks around bored as he already knew the alphabet..he weren't 5.
[12:54] Mederia Seerose laughs. "I see." She nods. "But back to the tale of the A. When it came to school, it found the right class and they just had the subject of all the things that began with an A. Like... Astral Magic. Like Alphabet. Like All." She looks to Peace. "What is for you a word with A that the A could be really proud that this word begins with it?"
[12:55] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman) whispers: apple
[12:55] Thurkearan (ebonaku.dragovar) looks over to Rakant, acknowledging his presence. After a moment of thought, he again peers at the class, studying Peace in particular.
[12:55] Rhyss Hailleaf (rhyss) thinks to himself with a, green delicious absinthe.
[12:56] Medoria Seerose (mederia) nods to Leo and whispers: "Applepie...."
[12:56] Peace scratches his his stick behind his head."Ahh..."The child thinking apple too before remarking."Applejuice?" The boy peering up at the adults above.
[12:56] Peηηie (penelope.riddler) lays on her tummy on the desk ...drawing little applepies on her paper humming a soft "mmmm"
[12:57] Rakant (wrypatrick) steps up to the railing in front of him and places his forearms on it. He gives Kiros a small wave of his claw. Looking slowly across to each individual slowly. Applepie sounds really good right now..
[12:58] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) gives a wave to Rakant and Thurkearan, finaly being able to see them, at first they were in his blind side.
[12:58] Gilly Hailleaf (gillian.planer): softly tiptoes out of the classroom
[12:59] Thurkearan (ebonaku.dragovar) issues Kiros a nod as well upon seeing the wave.
[12:59] Rhyss Hailleaf (rhyss) nods to Mederia silently and slips out the door to join his Queen.
[13:00] Mederia Seerose smiles. "A good answer. Apples are delicious and the things we can make out it also. Maybe we should have some apple-pie and juice at the next class, what do you think?" She winks. Then she becomes more serious. "We should indeed bake some pie. Baking begins with a B - that is the second letter in the Alphabet and then the A wouldn't be alone anymore in the school. - The word I like most with an A is answer. I like answers. I like to know the answers to the questions I have. But everybody has his own nicest words - and that is good so. As we all are different." She nods to Rhyss and Gilly silently, when they leave.
[13:00] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): (draws two O on the paper, next to each other)
[13:01] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): i made another unhappy "a" mis, then they can go happy because they are no longer alone
[13:01] Mederia Seerose goes over to Leo and smiles. "That looks like happy O more, they are so well drawn. And... your name is Leo, right? Your name is in Common written with an o. Shall I show you?"
[13:02] Peace grins hearing of pies."Shame theres none for today."The child trying to poke pennie with his stick."Make sweets appear with your mambo jumbo fae magic."He grins wiggling his fingers in the air
[13:02] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): my name is with Luh
[13:02] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): like so
[13:02] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): (makes a hook on the paper)
[13:03] Rakant (wrypatrick) leans off the railing and tucks his claws behind his wings. A small puff of smoke escapes his nostrils. It seemed progress was at least being made.
[13:06] Mederia Seerose looks at the paper and tilts her head. "I see. Most humans wouldn't recognise it, I fear although it is clear for you, that this is your sign. A human would write it like this." She uses the light-point to write a nicely Leo on the paper and says: "L e o. - Only if you have once to write to a human and wants to know him that the letter is from you." She smiles and turns to Peace. "I am sure, that you are able to write an A and a B... And know some more. It will be sometimes tricky to give you all an interesting class, as you are so different, but I will try... You ask for magic. What kind of magic you are using?"
[13:07] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) heads up the stairs to watch from the railing, nodding to the others. "Well...we're in business it seems." Quietly he speaks wit ha smirk.
[13:07] Peηηie (penelope.riddler) looks up at the poking and sticks out her tongue at Peace: "eeeh no poking!" grabbing her notes she climbs on top of Peaces head and cuddles into the soft fabric to go on with her scribbling
[13:08] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): (follows he light, thinking its way too much for his name)
[13:10] Rakant (wrypatrick) looks aside to Kiros and gives a nod of his head to him. "Indeed you are. I hope you can maintain this-" He gestures out before him before resting a claw back down on the railing. "Sense of magic, even in the simplest of concepts. Mederia seems to be doing a good job."
[13:10] Peace head tilted at Mederia."I am a shaman. What do you know of the spirits?"
[13:11] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) nods ."Aye, This is a start, I will start to teach my Astral Classes again, and other stuff eventually, and lend this classroom out to those who wish to teach, within reason in subject, of course."
[13:11] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): (perks up at the word "spirits")
[13:12] Peace giggles as pennie rests in his hair. The boy picking up his hat so she could cuddle with Luna the bat underneath
[13:13] Rakant (wrypatrick) nods his head once. "Aye. Some topics are left untaught I suppose." He tilts his head to look past Kiros to Thurkearan then. "Were on Lokanhiim do you wish to have this tea? On the platform next to the library or inside?"
[13:14] Thurkearan (ebonaku.dragovar) shakes his head. "The Great Hall. I'll see to it the tables and refreshments are put out in time."
[13:15] Mederia Seerose nods to Peace. "Some. But not as much as a real shaman would know. I am an Astral Mage and I learned a good part of elfish magic. I know about a lot of other magic schools in theory and could help with this, but alas I can't show you much. And shamans hardly learn in school - it is not their way. They learn from each other. But what I can show you are Ogham. As I know this Alphabet also and I am even able to connect it to my magic work." She writes with light the Ogham-sign that can also stand for an A. "As you know this sign has a lot more meaning as only the phonetic. If you like, we can discuss in the next class about the letters the Ogham also. At least their shape and the tree of each. What do you think?"
[13:16] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): tree?
[13:16] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) smirks. "Ah..Tree Magic, Ohgram...I haven't heard that one in a long time." He muses. "I never picked up on it though as far as the leaf thing I did."
[13:17] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): my magic comes from my tree too
[13:17] Peηηie (penelope.riddler) climbs under the hat besides luna ....keeping a gap open to follow the lesson and smiles happily in her place.....nodding at Miss Mederia "that sounds interesting Miss that would be nice to hear" she says smiling
[13:18] Rakant (wrypatrick) gives a nod of his head and looks over to Kiros. "So. I managed to find a strong box to my specifications. I just need to have you place the rune on it sometime." To Thurkearan he nods his head. "Ah so no giant tea-pots for the dragons outside hm?" he smirks, offering a nod of his head. "I will make sure there is enough there if you do not have the time."
[13:19] Mederia Seerose nods to Leo and smiles. Orchidee jingles and nods to Leo with a big smile. "Good, then I will prepare for the next class for some more letters and their connection to Ogham. We -have- to tell the tale of the alphabet till the end, because... the written word can do magic by itself. You will see, I promise." She smiles. "A lot to do next class. Applepie and Ogham and some more letters."
[13:19] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): yaay pie!
[13:20] Thurkearan (ebonaku.dragovar) gives a brief shake of his head in response to the question of giant tea pots, to be replaced by a casual smirk and a nod to the statement of support. He gives another casual glance to the class and then turns to depart the guild hall.
[13:21] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) nods to Rakant. "I shall soon." He smiles, before going back to watching the class below. then at the footsteps of Ebonaku leaving he rumbles. "Be well, Thurkearn."
[13:21] Peace quirked a brow hearing of this Ogham."What is it?"
[13:22] Rakant (wrypatrick) looks aside to the departing Nether. "Veyet'toon, Patriarch. My wishes to the elves should you see them. I paid a visit yesterday though it seemed all was asleep." He then looks back to Kiros. "Very well. You know where to find me when you are available."
[13:22] Thurkearan (ebonaku.dragovar) quietly answers after Kiros and Rakant, "Mel'kear."
[13:23] Mederia Seerose nods. "To end the class: The A of the Ogham, like a cross, stands in the most definitions for the pine- or the fir-tree. It can help to reach clarity, achievement, to have more energy. It is a nice one to begin with." She smiles. "Any last questions?"
[13:24] Peace head nods at Mederia."Oh I see its a symbol."The boy shaking his head though not have any last questions as he try to pet pennie his tinkerbell.
[13:25] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) rumbles. "Symbols can be anything, no doubt you saw the one outside the wall, and the banner...they all have their meanings." that was directed to the class in a muse, but still, educational, at least in Kiros' head.,
[13:25] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): fcourse i got no questions, i knew all this already
[13:27] Medoria Seerose (mederia) draws an Ogham A under the other letters and the smiley and looks to her mother. "Over?" she asks and jumps from the chair. "A as already!"
[13:27] Peace chuckles hearing leo."Indeed."He remarks before bowing his head to Mederia in a polite manner for teaching them
[13:27] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): bye alla yoo, im gonna go back to the other fae
[13:28] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): thank ya mis teacher
[13:28] Mederia Seerose smiles and bows her head to the children. "Thanks for being here. I am looking forward for the next time in around... two weeks, I guess."
[13:28] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): see ya next time maybe.. for pie
[13:28] Mederia Seerose nods to Leo. "I promise."
[13:28] Rakant (wrypatrick) nods his head once. "Oh I am sure. I have the idea of what I need fairly precise. Once we meet next I will be sure to give you a detailed explanation. Takaani's idea was worked upon and it should work much better then my original." A low growl emits from him, but not his throat. He blinks and rolls his shoulders and wings some. "I suppose eyeing those horses outside for a little while was a bad idea.." He turns around to face Kiros and give a small pat to the green's shoulder. "Hope to see you soon. I suppose I shall go hunt."
[13:28] Leo Peo (leendert.meriman): hello misters dragons
[13:29] Peηηie (penelope.riddler) flutters out of Peaces hat: "that was a nice first lesson Miss Mederia...thank you! ....Peace you wanna come with me to the camp?" she asked and started flying circles around him
[13:30] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) nods. "Hunt well, brother." He says. "And when we all meet up, I shall place the rune." He nods. "Do be well and fair hunts." he would go back downstairs for the wrap up.
[13:30] Mederia Seerose looks to Rakant and Kiros and gives a friendly nod of greeting to the first, not done before. She smiles then to her daughter and asks: "Yes, it is already over. And I am proud of you." She points to the parchment and winks to her. Then she nods to Pennie. "We will."
[13:31] Peace head bobbed to Pennie with a smile."Oh I'll like that."He grins making to follow the fae with a smile
[13:31] Medoria Seerose (mederia) looks up to her mother and takes her hand. "Hmhm", she says, blushing proudly.
[13:33] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) nods to Mederia. "Two weeks time, aye? I do only have one request with that, and that is a summary of what the lesson will be that day, so I can attach it to the notices I send out into the realm." He nods.
[13:33] Peηηie (penelope.riddler) grabbed Peace by a peace of his jacket pulling him after herself: "wanna show you something first" looking around "safe winds all.....maybe we see at Alainn later" she says into the round and nods to everyone goodbye
[13:35] Mederia Seerose smiles to Kiros and nods. "I have to look for the exact date still. I will tell you in time." She waves lightly to the children going. Orchidee jingles and waves wildly. Then Mederia looks back to Kiros: "And I would like to hear your class then also, if possible.!
[13:35] Peηηie (penelope.riddler) waves at the lady: "greetings m'lady" looking around were she lost Peace and Luna
[13:36] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) nods. 'I have no dates set, but the first one in mind is Astral Magic, based on the emblem chosen to represent the Guild." he says. "But I am sure I shall let you know when."
[13:36] Medoria Seerose (mederia) looks up to Kiros. "On house?" She tilts her head curiously.
[13:37] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) tilts his head back. "I'm sorry?"
[13:37] Peηηie (penelope.riddler): "oh we've been at the class inside and now have a fast run into town and then back to Alainn" she tells joyful "but I worry I lost my friend somewhere...maybe he fell asleep at the desk" she tells giggling
[13:37] Mederia Seerose looks down to her child. She asks in Draconic: "What was the question?"
[13:38] Medoria Seerose (mederia) holds on Mederia's hand and looks up. Then she answers in fluently Draconic: "I ask, if the class explains then the sign outside at the house."
[13:40] Mederia Seerose nods. "It is 'at' not 'on'. 'on' means more on the top of something, you know?" She smiles then to Kiros and nods. The turns to look for the children and looks if all is in order and healthy still.
[13:41] Medoria Seerose (mederia) sighs and says: "See! This is this stupid Common. I am soooo stupid in it!!! Can't speak a word without doing it wrong." She grumbles and looks to her feet.
[13:42] Renu (dracowykana) chuckled, "Well, if all is well than, I will head on up." With a quick nod, she stretched and climbed the stairs to the Guild hall above. Quietly opening the door, she smiled at Kiros and gently closed the door behind her.
[13:42] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) rumbles. "Ava';Yorn Renu."
[13:44] Mederia Seerose bows her head with a warm smile to Renu. "Greetings to you." Orchidee waves jingling. Mederia looks around and takes the used parchments and then to Medoria at her hand. "But for now we will go home first and bring the books back - and clean some parchments." She smiles to Kiros and Renu: "May the moon be with you."
[13:45] Renu (dracowykana) flicked an ear in contemplation, "Greetings Kiros, and uh....Love and Light Mederia."
[13:45] Kiros (kiros.sirnah) nods to Mederia. "Be well Mederia, stay safe you three."
[13:46] Mederia Seerose s fairy waves to Renu now a good bye with a jingle and to Kiros also and follows the two dragons - or three counting the toy - out.

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